The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 11

Ebb Tide

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1989 on NBC

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  • Blanche becomes queen of the battle.But her father passed away.

    Blanche gets all excited that she was queen of the ball again.When her father calls her and asked her if she could come home.But Blanche said that she couldn't because she had to be at the ball.That she would go and see him some other time.However later on she receives words,that her father passed away.So she decide to head to Alanta,Dorthy went with her to keep her company.Blanche and Virigina begin to clashed before the funeral.So Blanche,doesn't go in the end.Meanwhile Sophia money scheme was to rent out the girls room to get money for an new tv.When Blanche's plate gets broken.Rose is determined to get an new one for Blanche.Before she comes home.

    Yes this was an very sad episode it made me cry.When Blanche said that she is nobody little girl anymore.
  • Poor Blanche

    Unlike most Golden Girls episodes, I found this episode the saddest (probably of them all). It really started to get sad as the ending came along. Personally, when Blanche regret not going back home after Big Daddy called, it started to get sad there. But the argument with Virginia was the real start. I started to realize that it was all about family. The part that I found really grieving was when Blanche gave flowers to Big Daddy (on his casket) and started talking to him, and also when Blanche thought that, when Dorothy was calling Blanche to leave, Blanche thought it was Big Daddy. I almost cried when Blanche said "I'm nobody's little girl anymore." (Blanche and Dorothy were getting ready to leave.) The point is that this episode is sad, but it has a very good storyline and moral.