The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 12

Ebbtide's Revenge

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1990 on NBC

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  • Dorothy's brother Phil dies and Sophia has to finally deal with his crossdressing.

    The main part of the story is great and Sophia's confession at the end is really touching. Even though it's a funeral, the show still has plenty of laughs. But there are so many parts of the story that don't make sense, that it's hard to overlook them. Let's see. Sophia says she talks Phil into being buried in the family plot. Why is it in Miami? Also, Phil and Angela were supposed to have ten kids. Where are they? Let's not forget that Dorothy and Phil have another sister. Why wouldn't she be at her brother's funeral? Makes no sense. To top it off, the nonsense about the dowry check is stupid. They could have done so much more with this story and they didn't.
  • dorothy's brother phil dies of a heart attck while trying on shoes at a women's shoe store. dorothy gives the eulogy, & sophia tries to come to terms w/ phil's lifestyle as well as his death, while also revealing why she resents her daughter-in-law.

    i love this episode. touching, well-written, & i cry everytime i see it. definately one of my favorites. sophia's character gets some major development, & estelle's performance in the last few minutes is well worth an emmy. very sad, yet it has it's funny moments, like the funeral where everyone can't keep their eyes off of phil in his teddy. in some ways, ebbtide's revenge reminds me of steel magnolias.

    i really don't know what else to say regarding this. i WILL repeat my suggestion of keeping tissues nearby, because you'll be a blubbering mess when it's over. that's it.
  • Sophia is forced to accept her son.

    I thought it was beautiful to see Sophia trying to come to terms with Phil. I thought it was really funny when they look into the casket and he was wearing a teddy. That was funny and touching at the same time. I thought it wasnice at the end when Sophia reveals she still loved Phil despite who he was.