The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 18

Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1992 on NBC
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Rose's expose on the living conditions in Angelo's building leads to Dorothy and Stan being labeled as slumlords. This leads to a trial where Dorothy and Stan are ordered to live together in the bug infested building. Meanwhile, Sophia's annual trip to buy shoes goes awry.

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  • Season 7, Episode 18.

    Great episode. Dorothy has to bribe shoe salesmen to come out from the back room and help Sophia! Haha! That's terrible! Blanche is such a slut, but in a good way. Her knowledge about shoe salesmen is unbelievable. And so vivid! It was so hilarious, and she then decides to take Sophia shoe shopping. Sophia didn't even know if she should put on underwear, because she thought it would scare the shoe salesmen. HAHA! Uncle Angelo thinks Rose wants to have sex! LMAO! Uncle Angelo is kind of like Phil, liking to put on make up. The shoe store cut Dorothy to make her swear not to come back with Sophia!moreless
Lane Davies

Lane Davies


Guest Star

Jackie Swanson

Jackie Swanson


Guest Star

Art Metrano

Art Metrano


Guest Star

Herb Edelman

Herb Edelman

Stanley Zbornak

Recurring Role

Bill Dana

Bill Dana

Uncle Angelo

Recurring Role

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    • Angelo: Where's Dorothy?
      Rose: She went with Sophia to go shoe shopping.
      Angelo: She hates taking Sophia for shoes!?
      Rose: I know but Dorothy decided to go when Blanche and Sophia started talking about whether or not Sophia should put on underwear.
      (Angelo looks disturbed)
      Rose: They said it be fun to scare the Hell out of the shoe salesman.

    • Stan: We're trapped like rats, there's no way out.
      Dorothy: Stanley they let you keep your belt and your shoelaces, think about it.

    • Sophia: It's just another reminder of getting old. Old age is always taking something away from you, first husbands, then cute shoes, what's old age going to take away from me next? (looks up) Hey! Where's my balloon?

    • Rose: Don't spend all your time in prison hating me, Dorothy...learn a trade!

    • Sophia: Don't worry, Dorothy, we'll get you out of jail in no time! I'll get the best lawyer social security can buy!

    • Angelo: (speaking to a reporter on television) As you can see, the bugs are really big, and when I spray them, they appear to be a-laughing at me!

    • Rose: Dorothy, isn't this something? You've become we call in the news business a hot story.
      Dorothy: And you've become what we call in the revenge business "next."

    • Blanche: Sophia, there's something I don't understand. Now, you may be a bit ornery sometimes, and down right mean, that's part of your charm.
      Sophia: Thank you you bed-hopping relic.
      (Blanche then pops Sophia's balloon)

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    • Sophia tells Dorothy that she fantasizes about going to bed with Luther Vandross. Vandross was an eight-time grammy winner and R&B male vocalist. He passed away in 2005.