The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 12

Ebbtide's Revenge

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy and Sophia learn that Phil - their brother and son, respectively - has passed away. Dorothy is asked to give the eulogy at his funeral by Phil's wife, Angela. Complicating the grief is the fact that Sophia vehemently despises Angela for reasons unknown. Tension ensues when Angela arrives, and Sophia is downright rude. Phil, who was a cross dresser, is buried in a black teddy, leaving the priest speechless. Meanwhile, his poker buddies appear also to be cross dressers. Things come to a head after Dorothy delivers a tearful eulogy. Dorothy tries to smooth things over between Sophia and Angela, but with little success. Finally, Sophia admits that she could never understand Phil's lifestyle, and blaming it on Angela gives her a reason to believe that she herself was not responsible for making him that way.