The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 12

Ebbtide's Revenge

Aired Unknown Dec 15, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While Sophia has shown emotion in other episodes this is really the only time she cries. She showed emotion in "Sick and Tired" and came close to tears in "Not Another Monday" both from season 5.

    • Goof: When Dorothy is asking Rose if she has ever had to give a eulogy, she is forgetting that Rose did give a eulogy for her aunt in the season 3 episode "Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself".  While Rose didn't give the eulogy at the official funeral, she still gave the eulogy on the plane.

    • Goof:Angela (Phil's wife) and Sophia cannot stand each other and apparently haven't since Phil married Angela. Even though in "A Little Romance" Sophia comes to Angela and Phil's house to stay with them. Also, in this same episode, Sophia says "Phil's wife has her good points. She is sweet, she's reliable..."

    • Goof:In this episode, Angela, Phil's wife, says that Sophia hated her so much that she never set foot in her house. However, in "A Little Romance", Sophia goes to Phil and Angela's house to watch her grandson's graduation.

    • Goof:In "A Little Romance", it is mentioned that Phil has 10 children...where are they in this episode? Wouldn't the children come to their father's funeral?

    • In the opening scene, Dorothy asks Rose to help her with her pearls. Dorothy's pearls are long enough that she could have just put them on over her head.

  • Quotes

    • Rose: I know no one wants to hear one of my stories -
      Dorothy: That's always a safe assumption, Rose.

    • Rose: My cousin Ingmar used to do bird imitations.
      Blanche: Well, what was wrong with that?
      Rose: Let's just say that you didn't want to park your car under a tree that he was in.

    • Sophia: (after listening to Rose's counsel) Thank you. I've never been psychoanalyzed by a dipstick before!

    • Sophia: The dress thing. WHY didn't she stop the dress thing?
      Angela: He's been doing that his whole life, Sophia, it didn't start with me.
      Sophia: Oh! So it's MY fault.
      Rose: Are you worried people will think it's your fault?
      Sophia: Well, it's not like having a war hero in the family.

    • Rose: Don't let that happen to you, Sophia. Let go of the shame. So what if he was different? It's okay that you loved him.
      Sophia: I did love him. He was my son, my little boy. And every time I saw him, I wondered what I did, what I said....what was the day that I said or did whatever I did to make him the way he was?
      Angela: What he was, Sophia, was a good man.
      Sophia: (crying) My baby's gone!

    • Angela: Maybe I could show Blanche how to correctly apply her makeup.
      Dorothy: I'd like that.
      Angela: I hope she doesn't get offended.
      Dorothy: That's the part I like.

  • Notes

    • According to executive producer Marc Sotkin, in the first draft of the script in the church Sophia joined the ladies at the casket and made jokes regarding what Phil was wearing. According to Sotkin, Estelle called him at his home for the first and only time and said that a mother wouldn't do that. It would not be believable, or right, for her as a mother to be at her son's casket making a joke.

    • We are led to believe because of Angela's statement that he and Angela lived in Newark, NJ. Why is the funeral being held in Miami? It wouldn't make sense for Angela to drag his body, friends and relatives all the way to Florida for his funeral just so his mother and sister could attend. Phil didn't even grow up in Florida. He grew up in Brooklyn. Not only that, but Phil's poker buddies also must have found their way over 1000 miles to Florida to pay their respects.

      Also, Sophia mentions that Phil is being buried in the "family plot". Since their family is from Brooklyn, why would their "family plot" be in Miami?

    • During her eulogy, Dorothy mentions that Phil was six years younger than her. However, this doesn't quite match up with what we saw in Season 5's Clinton Avenue Memoirs. That episode included a flashback to when Phil was a baby, which would mean that Dorothy was six years old. But if you looked at her in that flashback, she was absolutely not six. She was at least 8 or 9, which means that she and Phil were further apart in age than Dorothy indicated here.

    • In an earlier episode, it is revealed that Angela was a welder (to which Sophia joked that she should have welded Phil's zipper shut because of all their kids). In this episode, she is a makeup artist.

    • Sophia refers to Angela as "Big Sally."

    • Dorothy gives the eulogy at Phil's funeral.

    • Dorothy's brother Phil, although mentioned many times throughout the series run, never appeared in any episode.

    • This is Angela Petrillo's only appearance, mourning the death of her husband.

    • The crossdressing brother of Dorothy, Phil Petrillo, dies in this episode. Despite this, relatives such as Sophia's sister Angela, and Phil's own sister Gloria are no where to be found.

    • Earl Boen returns as a priest in the show's finale to marry Dorothy and Lucas.

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