The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 26

Empty Nests

Aired Unknown May 16, 1987 on NBC

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  • The girls help their neighbor with her marital problems because she's too scared to tell her husband anything.

    This is the worst episode of any series ever! Mushy and stupid. Whoever wrote this idiotic episode should be fired and never work in the business ever again. Ridiculous drivel and horrible writing. What were the writers thinking? The answer is that they weren't. Who cares about the stupid neighbors? Empty Nest the series was retooled, thank God. The worst was the stupid wife. Who cares about her stupid feelings? Her husband was a doctor and she's just some selfish and stupid idiot that needs to be held. Aww...the worst mushy part of the episode was at the very end when she tells him to never die. If anyone was married to anyone that annoying, they would die a slow miserable death. I could never stand to be with anyone so annoying. If I could rate it a negative 100, that would be too nice. And to think that this was during sweeps period. They are very lucky they didn't get canceled after this trash was aired, lol
  • Our fab 4 are guest stars on their OWN show!

    I can't understand how the writers and producers could possibly put the 4 ladies and have them dance around somebody else's world because it's just not funny. This episode is all about how the ladies react to Rene's news about her husband and their lacking marital life. It wasn't funny. It served as the pilot for Empty Nest, which would later be retooled. None of the characters, including the girls were funny. A very poor episode and probably my least favorite of the entire series!
  • Ok this whole episode is mainly about their neighbors having some empty nest problem.Renee is asking for advice from the girls to help her with her problem.Even when she tries to tell her husband about her feelings and all that other stuff.

    Ok ok this episode its needs some fine tuning first of all.This episode had no plot.We see the girls in the first scene.Than they leave than we see Rose and Sophia who is looking for Renee brother.Than the girls came to talked to Renee than they were leaving.What they were saying to George was "Hi George" than "Bye George." When George was alone it was just Dorthy.Totally lack of Dorthy and the others.They could've at least show more of them as well.Liked in one scene the girls are discussing Renee's trouble and also share opinion with each other even some memory.But this show doesn't looked right to me.
  • The neighbors have marital woes and the wife has trouble telling her spouse how she feels.

    This is one of my least favorite episodes, because it really wasnt a Golden Girls episode. It was a pilot for another tv show, Empty Nest. This episode would have been better if the Girls were in it. They were only in the episode 10 minutes. Plus the schizophrenic repair man wasnt all that funny. I think the episode would have been a lot more better if the Golden Girls were more in it, rather than being "guest stars" on thier own show. It started off like a Golden Girls episode and it should have stayed that way. All in all, not interesting. 2.8.
  • This episode really had nothing to do with the series whatsoever. I avoid it when possible.

    I figure the writers or some of the regular cast needed a brake when this episode was thrown together. It really has no connection with the rest of the series. The Golden Girls crew are not involved in the plot and frankly, as an audience member, I could care less about Renee and her husband's marital woes. These characters came out of the blue leaving viewers with little if any reason to maintain interest in them. I think I read somewhere once that this episode was a sort of pilot idea for another potential spin-off from The Golden Girls. However, the reception was clearly not positive and the spin-off idea died along with this episode. Thank God! Blech!!!!!
  • The girls' neighbors are having marital troubles when the kids move out the house. Renee asks the girls for advice on how to solve the problems with her inattentive husband. The main focus is this couple who learns to compromise, and the girls are rarely

    This one would have been ok if it weren't a Golden Girls episode. It did not belong with The Golden Girls because it had nothing to do with any of them, and they were rarely seen. It was like they were "guest stars" on their own show. Didn't like it.