The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 1

End of the Curse

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode Dorothy said that she always wanted a mink coat. But in the episode "Break-In" she was given a mink stole by her ex-husband Stan.

    • This is the final episode Susan Harris would write until the season five premiere in which Dorothy suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is also the only time she is credited with her married name -- Witt.

    • Philip Sterling plays the psychiatrist Dr. Barensfeld in this episode and returns to The Golden Girls in season three to play a psychiatrist yet again, in the episode entitled "Three on a Couch". You may note that his name has changed to Dr. Ashley and there is no reference to Blanche having seen him once before. Many might recognize him from playing a judge on two shows: L.A. Law as well as Sisters.

  • Quotes

    • Sophia: We didn't have mink in Sicily. If you wanted to impress someone, you shot their brother.

    • Blanche: Nobody in my family has ever seen a psychiatrist. Except, of course, when they were institutionalized.

    • Dorothy: (talking about Blanche) She could be in a coma, but put a man within 5 miles of her and she'll roll over and shave her legs.

    • Rose: I never had PMS. I had a BMW.

    • Dorothy:You don't get cramps once a month,you don't go on eating binges once a month,you don't get crazy once a month.Sophia: You just grow a beard.Dorothy:Don't listen to her Blanche.Sophia:You grow a beard,Dorothy.Believe me I woke up one morning I looked like Arafat.

    • (Dorothy is explaining to Rose about Spanish Fly, which would be an aphrodisiac for the minks)
      Dorothy: It's not a fly, Rose.
      Rose: Spanish fly is not a fly?
      Dorothy: No.
      Rose: What is it?
      Dorothy: It's a beetle.
      Rose: They call it a fly but it's really a beetle?
      Dorothy: Yes.
      Rose: How do they know it's Spanish?
      Dorothy: Because it wears a little sombrero, Rose!

    • (After an emotional Blanche runs into her bedroom, Dorothy and Rose run after her.)
      Rose: She's in there!
      Dorothy: Really, Columbo?

    • Sophia: (about the baby) If it's a boy we can name it after its father Rick-Joe-Bob-Don-Dave.

    • Rose: I never grew a beard.
      Sophia: You never grew brains either.

    • Blanche: (referring to how many men could be the father of her baby) It was more like a ten day two week time span.
      Dorothy: For me that's a lifetime!
      Rose: Not even.

    • Blanche: The only reason I'm sticking around is to read Danielle Steel's next book.

  • Notes

    • Shortly after this episode aired, three of the Golden Girls (Bea, Rue, and Betty) would film a PSA for PETA, urging people to clean out your closets of your fur coats, and donate them to PETA for distribution to the needy.

    • This episode was videotaped on July 18, 1986.

    • Rose named the minks Fluffy, Muffy, Buffy and JoAnne.

    • The background shot during the closing credits features the four ladies in the garage after Blanche arrives home from her date, feeling better about "the curse."

    • The average age for women to hit menopause is 51, which gives a good base for Blanche's real age.

    • Starting with season 2, there is a new shot of Miami behind The Golden Girls logo in the opening credits. Also, Rue McClanahan's credit has a different clip shown.

    • Writer Susan Harris,who married business partner and fellow executive producer Paul Junger Witt in 1983,receives her first (and only) credit as Susan Harris Witt on this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Rose: She's in there.
      Dorothy: Really, Columbo?

      This is a reference to the the American crime fiction TV series in which Columbo, portrayed by Peter Falk, was a shabby, slow-witted police detective.