The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 20

Even Grandmas Get the Blues

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1991 on NBC

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  • Season 6, Episode 20.

    This was great since the beginning, when Sophia asks Dorothy how long ago the last time she had sex was. Sophia called Dorothy "Queen." Haha, I love her. She's such a funny 80-something year old. I can't believe Rose actually had sex a couple of weeks ago. But I guess she is only in her fifties, so it's OK. Blanche's outfit was unbelievable. Blanche's comment about not taking her breasts out in public... A lot... was hilarious. Blanche's acting is pretty bad, but Rue McClanahan is amazing. Blanche was pretty selfish for passing her granddaughter Aurora as her daughter, just to get a guy, but I still love her. Dorothy having the highest IQ in Brooklyn at 173 was pretty funny, as well as Rose's IQ of a burro.
  • Blanche claims that she is Allura mother.

    Blanche's daughter Rebecca asked Blanche if she could watch Allura while she goes on job interviewing.Of course Blanche hates the name that her grandchild had.She doesn't even liked being called Grandma.Of course Blanche had an audtion to go too.But unforntunally she didn't get the part.She meets an guy name Jason,who said that or claims to be Alluria mother.Since this guy somehow become attracted to her and the baby.So Rebecca was amazed at Blanche's changed and somehow is bonding with her grandchild.At the end Blanche was living in an guilt.As she begin to explained to Jason,that she is not Allura mother but Jason told her he would date an grandmother.

    So yeah everyone was mad at her.She should've told him in the first place that she is an grandmother.