The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Rose claims that her dentist fondled her breasts during her last visit, Blanche and Dorothy convince her to tell him about it and to have courage. Rose refuses to do it, because of another incident that ended up with disastrous results.
Meanwhile, Dorothy tries receives threats from the students and the teachers for refusing to pass Kevin Kelley, the star of the football team. The school's coach comes over and bribes her with a date and has the school's dean of boys come and threaten her with an "active and vocal alumni." Dorothy finally decides to change Kevin's grade after a dead fish with a threatening note is delivered on the doorstep. She agrees to give Kevin an incomplete and tutor him privately, but he refuses the deal until after football season is over. Dorothy is frustrated about backing down, but when Kevin's football season ends after he's hurt his knee in the game, Dorothy steps right back in and tutors him from his hospital bed.
Rose goes to confront her dentist about her acquisation. With cotton and a suction hose in her mouth, she awkwardly tells her accusation to him. He denies it, saying that it was a hallucination. While the dentist is working on her, she catches him sighing "Wowee-wow-wow-wow," just like last time. Rose leaps up and sprays his feet with a water hose, saying that she will report him to the State Dental Board.