The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Rose is confronting Dr. Norgan, she has a dental bib on when she first sits down in the dentist's chair.  However, after Dr. Norgan denies touching Rose, she puts the cotton back in her mouth but pulls the bib off, and even pushes it farther down in her lap a second time, presumably to set up for the very next scene where Dr. Norgan shines a light on her breasts and says "Wow, wow, wow, wow."  If Rose had left the bib in place, he wouldn't have been able to see her breasts, in effect making the joke useless.

    • Rose says a doctor once did plastic surgery on her mother, obviously adopted mother Alma Lindstrom, but that her mother went into delibrately to come out looking like Raymond Massey. Well, we met Alma in season one. Is that what Raymond Massey looks like?

    • This episode is totally unbelievable. Although stated that Dorothy is in for the full semester, how likely is it that all this subterfuge would occur. The coach comes over and tries to bribe her with a date. Then a priest from the school comes and tells her off. What kind of school is this? Shouldn't the school board respect her decision instead of having a parade of school employees come in and give diatribes as to why the teacher is wrong?

  • Quotes

    • Rose: Just because I'm built like this, you wouldn't believe how many people think I'm dumb.
      Sophia: You're being too hard on yourself, Rose. I know people who think you are dumb over the phone.

    • Dorothy: (tutoring Kevin in hospital) Are you ready to start?
      Kevin: Do I have any choice?
      Dorothy: Well, you could press the call button, but I'll be finished with the book by the time the nurse gets here.

    • Dorothy: Look, Kevin, the reason you're in this trouble is because you have not been working up to your ability. I'll tell you what. If you can spare me two evenings a week, I'll give you an Incomplete in English and tutor you privately until you can pass the whole course. That way, you'll be eligible to play tomorrow.
      Kevin: Fine, fine. As soon as the football season is over.
      Sophia: Young man, this woman is doing you a favor. She's taking time out of her own busy schedule! (whispers to Dorothy) They don't know that you have no life.

    • Kevin: Oh, no. You're not a substitute nurse too, are you?
      Dorothy: I'm sorry about your knee. You know, you wouldn't have been blindsided if you'd stayed in the pocket.
      Kevin: You know football?
      Dorothy: I know everything. Ah, I see some people have already signed your cast.
      Kevin: Uh, yeah, some of the guys from the team. Are you signing it?
      Dorothy: Correcting it. There is no K in victory. Oh yeah, and we'll just change this to 'Ms. Zbornak eats shitake mushrooms.'
      Kevin: Listen, if you're feeling guilty about not influencing my life, don't. People have been trying to get me to be serious for years.
      Dorothy: We made a deal. You promised me that I could tutor you once football season was over, and it looks like it is.
      Kevin: Yeah, but this isn't exactly fair; I can't move.
      Dorothy: Yeah, I know, I know. It'll be like teaching fish in a barrel.

    • Dorothy: Oh, so if a student pays attention, works hard, and gets good grades, does that make him a geek?
      Kevin: Um, no, that would make him a dork. A geek is more like, you know, somebody who has no friends and is always staying home on a Saturday night, their nose buried in a book.
      Dorothy: (to Sophia) One word out of you, and I'll cut off your supply of Metamucil!

    • (finding a fish wrapped in newspaper)
      Sophia: You know what this means?
      Dorothy: White wine with dinner?
      Sophia: You hear me laughing? Read this.
      Dorothy: 'Kevin plays or Dorothy Z sleeps with the fishes'.

  • Notes

    • An interesting note when you look at the time period of this episode. Essentially when Dorothy is correcting Kevin's cast, the writers subtly used the word "shit."

    • At the end Dorothy reads Kevin, Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities.

    • Actor Christopher Daniel Barnes is best known for his role on Starman and as Greg Brady in The Brady Bunch feature films. He also provided the voice of Prince Eric in Disney's The Little Mermaid.

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