The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 18

Fiddler on the Ropes

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 1989 on NBC

Episode Fan Reviews (3)

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51 votes
  • Terrible!

    I'm so glad to read that others hate the way he performs the adapted Shakespearean monologue. It's just atrocious, not funny but completely stupid, and I hate it!
  • Worst episode, right here

    Oh... wow... There are no words to describe how awful this episode is. It's probably number 1 on my list of all time worst episodes in the series. Not only is the plot completely ridiculous (who really thinks they would BUY a prizefighter?) but it's also very unfunny. Pepe is nothing if not extremely irritating. Every time he opens his mouth I want to hit mute. If I forget how much I hate this episode and end up watching it, I always have to mute it when Pepe starts the "hath not a Cuban eyes" crap. It was EXTREMELY annoying the first time he does it, and they put it in there TWICE? How could anyone find that funny? Ughhhhh.
  • Sophia is sent to the bank to check on a CD for the girls. Instead of checking on the CD, she spends three thousand dollars on a fighter. There is a grand prize involved if he wins his next fight, and the girls become his managers.

    As the classification says, this episode just wasn\'t my favorite. No particular reason why, it just didn\'t really hold my interest. For first time viewers, it does not give a very good picture of what the show is all about. It wasn\'t that memorable for me either, as I can\'t even tell you how it ended.
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