The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 24

Foreign Exchange

Aired Unknown May 06, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Sophia is paid a visit by Philomena and Dominic, old friends from Sicily, they stun Dorothy with the news that their daughter, Gina, is biologically not theirs. Reeling in disbelief, Dorothy refutes their claim that she and Gina were switched at birth, and that she is not Sophia's daughter. Her claim dies on her lips when she opens the door to meet Gina, who is the exact same height and build as Sophia, while she (Dorothy) as physical characteristics like Philomena and Dominic. The couple claims that they are taking Dorothy back with them to marry "the most handsome man in the village."

Scared and unable to sleep that night, Dorothy expresses her fears to Sophia, who appears to be taking everything in stride. When Dorothy cries out to Sophia, Dominic and Philomena appear by her bedside, causing her to scream in their desire to comfort their newfound "daughter." Dorothy insists that Sophia do something, and Sophia agrees to take a blood test at the hospital the next day.

Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose are learning some "dirty dancing" moves, and Blanche is very put out to learn that Rose is a better dancer than she.

The next day, Sophia and Dorothy go to the hospital to get the DNA test; while they're waiting for the results they talk about their relationship. When the doctor comes out with the results, Sophia takes them and rips them up, throwing them in the trash. She claims that a test doesn't prove Dorothy is her daughter, but that their love does.

Philomena and Dominic notify Sophia and Dorothy that Gina's fiance back in Sicily wants to marry no other girl than Gina, and that they couldn't give her up either, regardless of DNA. They leave Miami with fond farewells.

Dorothy finally asks Sophia if she ever really doubted that she was her mother, and Sophia denies it. However, when Dorothy goes into the kitchen, she comes back in the living room and catches Sophia with a piece of paper, which Dorothy supposes must be what Sophia went back into the hospital to get. Sophia says, "Gotcha!" and shows that the paper is actually a grocery list.
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