The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 18

Forgive Me, Father

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1987 on NBC

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  • dorothy has a crush on a man shes working with on a youth fair, invites him to dinner and he turns out to be a priest, and then when he leaves they all think hes going to leave the church for her

    this is kathy speer and terry grossman's best episdoe. It's hilarious .How easy it is, to not know if somebody is a priest or not, and how somebody as clever as dorothy didnt realise. The scene where they all find out that frank is a priest, Is perhaps the funniest scene in the entire seven seasons of the show.
    Blanche acting so weird around him, and rose at first not knowing he was a priest, and then realising, and dorothy thinking she looked like the mother of a solid gold dancer, and then sophia telling dorothy she'll go to hell if she ends makes the wrong decision. LMAO
  • Classic misunderstandings make for a classic episode

    This episode is a true show classic... I think it was actually the first Golden Girls episode I ever saw, back when I was a kid and my mother used to watch it. I didn't really understand all of it but I still thought it was funny! But I do feel this is the show at its best, with classic misunderstandings and funny one-liners. Each girl is perfectly in character. The best parts are Blanche's monologue when she first answers the door ("Sweet Jesus why am I babbling... Oh God now I'm lying to a priest!") and Sophia at the end, 'confessing' to the wrong guy! I absolutely love this episode and feel it is one of the best in the series.