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Alternate endings: What else would you have liked to see?

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    For the finale, I liked the idea of Dorothy getting married, but I think I would've liked to have seen Sophia moving out with Dorothy and Rose marry or be with Miles and have Blanche stay in the house by herself.  That way, the series would have come full circle, because in the pilot Blanche was alone until they all got there, and then in the end it would be her alone again.  I would have liked to have seen something like that.  Here's some of my ideas.

    IDEA ONE:  One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest - Part One

    A-Story:  Dorothy meets Blanche's Uncle Lucas and they find they have more in common than they thought.

    B-Story:  Rose worries that with Dorothy meeting Lucas the girls will break up and she decides to try and find Miles.

    C-Story:  Blanche gets a letter that her dream about George having been alive the previous season was true, and that he is in fact still alive.

    One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest - Part Two

    A-Story:  Dorothy and Lucas make it to the alter and Sophia finally tells Dorothy all the great things about her.

    B-Story:  Rose finds Miles, but he is already with someone else, but he leaves that woman for Rose.

    C-Story:  Blanche, not wanting to be alone once all the girls leave, decides she'll listen to what George has to stay, and in the end he moves back in.


    IDEA TWO:  End in Sight - Part One

    A-Story:  Dorothy goes out with Blanche's Uncle Lucas and thinks it's just to get back at Blanche and later runs into Glen, the man she went out with in seasons 1 & 5 and she has to choose between the two.  She chooses Glen, but a problem arises when he insists that Sophia must go back to Shady Pines.

    B-Story:  Miles comes back to town and Rose is unsure whether or not she should get back together with him, until she has a visit from her late husband Charlie in a dream and he tells her that she should move on with Miles.

    C-Story:  Blanche interviews possible new roommates until she gets a letter from her brother-in-law Jamie that George is still alive.

    End in Sight - Part Two

    A-Story:  Dorothy turns to Lucas as a friend after learning that Glen insists Sophia goes back to Shady Pines and the two learn they have a lot in common and she learns she actually has feelings for Lucas who invites her and Sophia to move in with him to Hollingsworth Manor.

    B-Story:  Rose tells Blanche that she has to give it a try with Miles and that she'll be moving out.

    C-Story:  George arrives and Blanche decides to hear what he has to say and in the end the two stay together.


    IDEA THREE:  Golden Endings - Part One

    A-Story:  Dorothy meets Blanche's Uncle Lucas and he proposes to her.

    B-Story:  Rose learns her daughter is getting divorced and she struggles with whether or not to move in with her to help out.

    C-Story:  Blanche receives an offer on the house and decides to sell.

    Golden Endings - Part Two

    A-Story:  When Sophia suffers a mild heart attack Dorothy has to decide whether to chose Lucas or her mother.  She ultimately choses Sophia.

    B-Story:  Rose learns that her daughter and her husband are reconciling.  However, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia worry after they learn Blanche is selling the house.

    C-Story:  Blanche, stunned that the girls are not moving on, has to come up with a way to get the house back.


    IDEA FOUR:  Four Stuck Together - Part One

    A-Story:  Dorothy meets the man of her dreams and tells Sophia that she is going to end the relationship because she doesn't want Sophia to be lonely, and Sophia is happy at first.  Until she gets a visit from Sal telling her that it's time to let Dorothy leave the nest.

    B-Story:  Miles returns to town but Rose isn't sure she can trust him again.

    C-Story:  Blanche gets a visit from her friend Jake from season two, and accepts his marriage proposal thinking that all the girls are moving on.

    Four Stuck Together - Part Two

    A-Story:  Dorothy decides that she can't give this relationship and chance and that she needs to stay behind and let it go.

    B-Story:  Rose decides to give Miles a second chance, until he learns that while he was gone, he was married and then got divorced.

    C-Story:  Blanche, learning that all the other girls are staying together, rejects Jake's marriage proposal.


    IDEA FIVE:  The Beginning of the End - Part One

    A-Story:  Dorothy has a date with Blanche's Uncle Lucas but it is interrupted when Stan returns claiming that he can't live without her.  And much to Dorothy's surprise, Sophia tells Dorothy to give Stan a second chance after she has a visit from Sal telling her that she should've been nicer to Stan.

    B-Story:  Blanche and Rose, thinking that Dorothy will be moving out, start deciding their futures.  Rose decides to move in with her daughter, Kirsten and Blanche thinks about putting the house up for sale.

    C-Story:  Unbeknownst to Dorothy, Sophia, fearing that she will be put away, admits herself back into Shady Pines.

    The Beginning of the Beginning - Part Two

    A-Story:  Dorothy decides to give Stan another chance, but can't find Sophia.  When she finally finds her at Shady Pines she realizes that if Stan were to stay, he would only interrupt her golden years with Sophia and she tells Stan to leave.

    B-Story:  Rose starts to pack for her moving in with her daughter.

    C-Story:  Blanche decides not to sell the house and the girls stick together.


    IDEA SIX:  Into that Good Night - Part One

    A-Story:  Dorothy gets together with her old beau Glen, and everything is going good until she runs into Stan and sees how much he's changed.  And to Dorothy's surprise, Sophia urges her to give Stan another chance.

    B-Story:  Miles returns to town and proposes to Rose, causing Blanche to worry that she'll be all alone.

    C-Story:  Blanche, worried she'll be all alone starts going through her date book trying to find a man to take her.

    Into that Good Night - Part Two

    A-Story:  Dorothy and Stan decide to move to a house in Tampa Florida, and they want Sophia to join them, but she thinks that she has taught Dorothy everything she needs to know.

    B-Story:  Rose accepts Miles proposal and they decide to buy a house together.

    C-Story:  Blanche, after having a visit from George, decides that she should give Mel Bushman a call.

    What ending do you guys like?  What would you have liked to see?

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    What do you mean, "tires to find Miles?"
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