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Best Sarcastic Dorothy Lines

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    I just thought of another one. It was an episode where they are building a guest room and Sophia hires this guy from her senior citizen's center and then he hires a bunch of old guys in walkers, Then Rose walks in and says who are these guys, Then Dorothy says: The Osmond Brothers Rose. The years without Donnie have not been kind.
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    Theres one episode where I forgot what was being talked about but Dorothy called Rose an Ameba.

    The ep where the girls joined a gym.

    Gym instructor (doing an exercise warm up): "Whirly Birds!!'

    The Girls(reapeating the warm up): "Whirly birds!!"

    Gym Instructor catches a cramp and says Charlie Horse!

    Rose(copying the gym instuctors movements): "Charlie Horse!"

    Dorothy: "She has a cramp, you pea brain!"

    The drug store scene:

    Dorothy: ..."It might be a good idea to bring along some protection"

    Rose: "What kind of protection?"

    Dorothy: "Two armed Pinkerton guards"

    This is a classic topic, I'm laughing so hard reading all these comments!

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    Many great ones that have been said already but there are a couple of great liners that i have not seen on here.

    The 3 girls join a dance marathon.

    Rose: I am having such a great time, this reminds me of a time back in St. Olaf.

    From Afar



    Dorothy: Mom remember when I was a child and it was and none of the kids played with me in school and you told me that hey I love you.

    Sophia: Oh so they want me gone (And before sophia even finishes the sentence...Dorothy shouts)

    Dorothy: YESTERDAY!!!

    I cant remember who said it but someone told Dorothy that she had a large behind.

    Dorothy: I will not stoop down to your level but if you want to talk about behinds they can show how the west was won on yours.

    Dorothy has great facial expressions too, I recall the episode where they had to get rid of one of the roommates and the girls did a secret ballot and everyone voted for dorothy. her facial expression was priceless.

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    Blanche is telling the story of waiting for two hours for arnold schwarzanager's autograph on a book of his

    Rose: Did he sign your book

    Blanche: Yes but only after her refused to sign my thigh

    Dorothy: He was probably intimidated to see a thigh bigger than his

    Rose and Dorothy decide to enter a songwriting competition

    Dorothy: We could be the next roger's and hammerstein, the next simon and garfunkle the next...

    Rose: Sherry Lewis and lambchop

    Dorothy: I don't think i can get my hand that far up your dress... but for ten thousand dollars i'd be sure willing to give it a try

    Rose and Dorothy are having trouble moving a toilet from the living room into the bathroom

    Dorothy: Rose honey it won't budge

    Rose: Oh come on Dorothy. If the egyptians built the pyramids we can move this toilet

    Dorothy: Fine get me twenty thousand hebrews and i'll have it out of here in no time

    About Blanche being pregnant

    Dorothy: Blanche are you sure

    Blanche: Yes I just took a home pregnancy test

    Rose: It looks like a perfume sample

    Dorothy: Put it behind your ears rose

    Same scene

    Rose: We once had a pig and she got pregnant and we never knew who the father was

    Dorothy: Oh my God Rose what did you do on Father's day

    Dorothy's just found out Sophia's been taking money from her

    Sophia: That money's for my old age

    Dorothy: Old age you don't leave finger prints anymore

    Rose thinks Blanche slept with Charlie

    Rose: You've landed on your back more times than......(turns to Dorothy for help)

    Dorothy: The American Gladiators

    Rose: Blanche you've been under more drunken sailors than a......(turns to dorothy for help)

    Dorothy: A nautical toilet

    Blanche has just called Dorothy a tramp

    Dorothy: I am a tramp. Blanche have you heard the latest ad campaigns. Join the army, see the world and sleep with Blanche Deveraux. Join the navy, be all you can be and sleep with Blanche Deveraux. The marines are looking for a few good men who have not slept with Blanche Deveraux

    Gotta love Dorothy

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    Most people forget the classic

    Rose: I couldn't sleep either but I think it was something I ate.
    Sophia: What did you eat?
    Rose: Oh just a handful of Snowcaps a couple of Devil dogs oh and a HoHo choped up in fruit cocktail with heavy syrup.
    Dorothy: Couldn't sleep? I'm surprised you didn't try to kill the Mayor of San Francisco!

    Sophia: Chest pains! Chest pains [sophia walks into the living room, leaving Dorothy, Rose and Blanche in the kitchen]
    Dorothy: It's not going to work.. [as soon as sophia is out of sight] Oh, God, I hate that woman... MA!!

    Dorothy: I'm sorry, you'll have to forgive my mother, she suffered a stroke which rendered her totally annoying.

    Rose: It wasn't a rat, it was a cute little mouse.
    Dorothy: Rose, it doesn't wear white gloves and work at Disneyland!
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    In the drug store browsing for condoms

    Rose: What do you mean protection?

    Dorothy: Two, armed Pinkerton Guards.

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