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Clayton Hollingsworth

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    [1]Aug 11, 2008
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    Seeing as how Blanche and Clayton came from a strict household, I think i would have been more afraid of what Blanche's father would have thought about Clayton being gay because in the episode where Blanche's father wanted to get married, Blanche was against it because the bride was much younger than he was and Blanche's father threatened to disown her if she could'nt accept him having a young wife, so just imagine what would happen if Big Daddy would have found out if Clayton was gay because Clayton did'nt seem to have a problem being gay
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    I think Claytons' father would have to adjust to it for a little while, but he is very accepting and loving to his children. I think after a while, he'd realise that it doesn't change what a wonderful son he has. I know that if it were one of my children, I wouldn't love them any less.
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