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    Check out Entertainment Tonight's feature on the Golden Girls...

    March 13, 2006

    BETTY WHITE, RUE McCLANAHAN, BEA ARTHUR and ESTELLE GETTY -- aka Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia -- made waves for seven years as Miami retirees on "The Golden Girls," and over the weekend the women were honored in Hollywood for their contributions to the TV world.

    ET was the only crew allowed inside the festivities at the Museum of Television and Radio's tribute to the long-running NBC show, which was a part of the 2006 WILLIAM S. PALEY Television Festival.

    While White and McClanahan attended the event, Arthur was absent, in bed with the flu, and, of course, their beloved co-star and friend Getty couldn't be there due to being severely ill with dementia.

    "She didn't recognize Betty last time she went to see her," McClanahan tells ET. "She said, 'That was a nice woman.' I talked to her on the phone and she was with it. It's like a blowing curtain. I talked to her on the phone and all she could say is, 'Yes.' It's a heartbreaker. She was always my favorite."

    "You told me I was your favorite," Betty rejoins.

    "I was lying," McClanahan teases.

    When "Desperate Housewives" Creator/Executive Producer MARC CHERRY, who used to write for "The Golden Girls," showed up, the ladies were ready to greet the successful "GG" alumnus.

    "I would love to have all my gals come to Wisteria Lane," Cherry tells ET.

    Meanwhile, on a lighter note, the actresses have been keeping busy. White has a recurring role on the hit ABC show "Boston Legal," McClanahan recently completed a run on Broadway in Wicked and Arthur has been touring the country with her one-woman show chronicling her life in show business.

    And although "The Golden Girls" ended nearly 14 years ago, it's gained momentum since its DVD release in 2004 and remains one of the Lifetime channel's most popular series. Fans of the series will can pick up the season four DVD, which is now in stores.

    For more on "The Golden Girls" reunion, watch tonight's ET!

    You can also visit the ET site to see the video clips of this feature. I was so excited to see some new news on the Golden Girls and saddened by the news of Estelle's health getting worse.
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    thanks for that I don't get ET but it was nice to hear about
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