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Favorite "Blanche" Quote:::::::

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    [1]Sep 24, 2006
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    "The Competition"

    Rose: "You wanna have a side bet with me Blanche"

    Blanche: "Well I would Rose, but everything you own is so damned ugly"

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    "I am as jumpy as a virgin in a prison rodeo."

    "I love me a tight man.  A man with cast iron pecs, thighs that could crush walnuts.  I love me a tight man."

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    [3]Oct 2, 2006
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    There is too many fav Blanche's qoute I have.But I will give some.

    This during that episode when an guy claims to be Blanche's husband son.

    Dorthy and Sophia are dressed as Sonny and Cher for the Mother Daughter Beauty Contest Talent.

    Blanche: (entering): Why you two looked great....you could be celebrity impersinator.

    Dorthy: Why thank you Blanche!

    Blanche: Sure! Now which one is Cheech and which one is Chong?

    Second Fav Qoute:

    Blanche: I never tell men about my past

    Rose: Why not?

    Blanche: It takes too long.

    Third Qoute:

    Blanche: I wish Sophia was my mother.Than I could be the one to put her in Shady Pines
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    [4]Nov 8, 2006
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    Blanche: He is so sophisticated and charming and rich and handsome. He fairly screams Blanche. At least, he will when I'M through with him.

    Blanche: I do love the rain so. It reminds me of my first kiss. Dorothy: Ah, you're first kiss was in the rain? Blanche: No it was in the shower. Blanche: There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut. I know. My toe has been on that line.
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    From "Whose Face is This Anyway" one of the funniest episodes, Blanche has multiple one liners.

    Rose: Blanche, how do you feel about performing in front of a video camera? (talking about a short film for her class)

    Blanche: I think it's okay as long as you've had at least three dates!

    later in the episode.....

    Rose: Are saying you're upset because the reunion went great and your sorority sisters looked wonderful?

    Blanche: Well of course not Rose, that would be childish. I'm upset because I was not the center of attention and nobody said I was the prettiest (almost in tears).

    Dorothy: Come on now Blanche, what difference does it make?

    Blanche: Oh Dorothy, you could not possibly begin to comprehend the terrible trauma a gorgeous woman goes through when she realizes her beauty is starting to fade.

    .......Dorothy: Well you will just have to grow old with the rest of us.

    Blanche: I couldn't go on if I had to look like the two of you!

    later in the episode......

    Blanche: (after deciding not to get plastic surgery) Besides, I guess I can live with the lines and the wrinkles and the sagging, as long as I have the three of you to grow old with.

    Rose: Ahhh, what a lovely thing to say.

    Blanche: Especially since no matter how old we get, I'll always be the youngest and the prettiest and by far the most desirable!

    One more from "Blind Date" when Blanche was dating a blind man and Rose and Dorothy were coaching a little league team.

    Blanche: (noticing Blanche and Rose were sick) By the way, I never asked what it is you all have?

    Rose: Oh we're not sure, all we know is it makes your skin blotchy and your eyes puffy and your cheeks swollen and you get heart palpitations.

    Blanche: Well good thing for those palpitations, otherwise you might never have known you even had it!

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