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'Golden Girls' co-stars react to Estelle Getty's Death

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    Upon hearing the sad news, Getty's "Golden Girls" co-star Bea Arthur said, "Our mother-daughter relationship was one of the greatest comic duos ever, and I will miss her."

    Another co-star, actress Betty White, said that even though Getty has passed, her character will live on. "The only comfort at this moment is, that although Estelle has moved on, Sophia will always be with us."

    The other cast member on the series, Rue McClanahan, had this to say: "Estelle always wanted to be an actress, and she achieved that goal beyond her dreams. Don't feel sad about her passing - she will always be with us in her crowning achievement - Sophia. I love you, Slats - Rue." Slats was a nickname Rue had for Estelle.

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    Thank you for posting.

    I was curious as to what those 3 special women would say about Estelle. I know they attempted to stay close to her, but her disease really limited that.

    No words can express the feelings of those women. That's for sure. It's nice to have the piece of mind that we have many people to share or sorrow with.

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