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The house of Miami (I need a little help)

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    One of my hobbies is to draw detailed floorplans of iconic apartment and houses.

    You can see some of my works here:


    I want to make a floorplan of the house from "The Golden Girls" show but I have some dificulties to find some chapters.

    The most I need is to find chapters were appears the bedroom of Rose Nylund.

    I have only a little screenshot but is not enoug.

    Can anyone tell me in what chapters are appeared this bedroom ???

    I have found easily episodes in wich appears de bedrooms of Blanche, Sophia and (only one) of Dorothy.

    I want to find too the chapters in wich appears the common bathroom and the garage and, by the way, Dorothy's bedroom too.

    But the hardest to find to my is the Rose's one...



    My email is

    Thank you very much.



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    The house is not technically feasible, in the kitchen the door to the back goes to the garage, but it would really go into Sophia's bedroom.and it is to the back of the house, but the garage is in the front of the house to the right when you look at the house.

    The bathroom is somewhere to the left in the hallway, but it also is Rose's bedroom.

    When you see theoutsideof the house there is windows to the left, but inside the house they don't exist.

    The thing is that, it is not a house, it is merely a television studio, so the outside picture has nothing to do with anything, and inside i think Except the kitchen and the living room that I believe are connected (not even 100% sure) the other rooms are different studios not connected.

    that is why it would be difficult to make a floor plan.

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