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who's your least favorite golden girl?

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    Well, if I HAD to pick, and this question DOES call for picking.. I'd have to say Blanche.. if only because, Jezabels, and Southern Belles have never been my cup of tea..

    But I have to add that without her type character, the show just wouldn't have worked! There HAS to be a fly in the ointment of SOME kind for comedy to work!

    One of my most favourite episodes was when Kent Howard was guest, playing Blanche's present potential beau.. He rebuked her, and rebuffed her til the cows came home, and she was furious, and going crazy trying to figure out WHY! .. Finally, she came out and ASKED him WHY was he NOT RESPONDING to her repeated advances.. he said, in essence, that he was just an old-fashioned kind of a guy, who hadn't dated since with his wife, some 25 years before, {whom he had just lost}, who believed in courtship, going slow, one step at a time..  .. So they decided to start over, and he showed her how he felt about the first kiss.. and ultimately, they kissed.. a long, tender, sweet, soft, beautiful, and meaningful kiss, before he left for the night..   Then Rose came in, finding Blanche still in revery over the whole experience.. she relayed the happening to Rose, and when Rose asked, "Well.. Blanche, how does all this make you feeel?".. Blanche replies, still afar off, "...Like a 'lady'" ... I swear, I've teared up every single time I've seen that segment! ..I always wished they would have brought him back, and kept that relationship going...{sighh}

    I'LL TELL YOU WHO I LEAST liked in that show MOST!!!  MILES WEBBER!!!  I thought he was a terrible match for Rose!

    Now Eddie Bracken.. perfect! Why did they have to make him such a schmuck.. they should have given him a better storyline.. like her first puppy-love, and high school sweetheart, the war separated them, then something else innocent took them on different paths, and there was no animosity whatsoever.. just a lingering love.. going on to happy marriages, losing their spouses, and coming together again.. at long last love.. first love's reunite! Awww... Am I a HOPELESS ROMANTIC, or WHAT?!!  HELP!! STOP ME SOMEBODY!!! LOL

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