The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 12

From Here to the Pharmacy

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sophia and Rose are in the kitchen drawing up a will for Sophia. Dorothy comes in and talks to Sophia about some of the things her father did to make a living. Meanwhile, Blanche comes in – upset – because a man who claims to know her has returned from the war and is coming by to see her. The problem is, Blanche can't remember who this guy is. He arrives moments later, and she still doesn't recognize him.

The soldier (Bill) takes Blanche to what he says was their favorite restaurant, and Blanche still doesn't remember which boyfriend he was. He tells her that the only thing that kept him cheered up overseas was Blanche's photo, which he kept in hopes that some day he could return to her. Blanche is swept off her feet.

That evening Blanche returns wearing Bill's hat, and Dorothy discovers from Rose that Sophia has $35,000 that she's been hoarding and keeping from her.

The next morning, Bill drops off a rose to Blanche and she remembers who he is: a pharmacist. She schemes a way to get rid of him, but is scared to tell him how she really feels because she doesn't want to hurt him. Dorothy is furious with Sophia for not telling her about the money, and for all the years Dorothy sacrificed to provide for both of them. Blanche goes down to the drugstore where Bill works, and they admit to one another that the evening carried them away, and they want to slow down and get to know one another first.

Sophia explains to Dorothy that the reason she didn't want to tell Dorothy about the money was because she really wanted to provide something for her after she was gone. Dorothy says she understands, but (jokingly) threatens to make her some "special tea."