The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 12

From Here to the Pharmacy

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1991 on NBC

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  • Ma you don't leave finger prints anymore

    I've always felt the final season is a lot better than season 5 and 6. I think its because they made Dorothy funny again. She became far too sarcastic and was always the brunt of Jokes especially from Sophia. Which is why, i find it hilarious the way she acted, when she found out about Sophia's 30 thousand dollars. Some of the best one liners come from these late episodes.
    'Ma you don't leave finger prints anymore' About Sophia's age
    What about Blanche could she be more vain
    'I can't dump this man, not after what i've meant to him, not after what he's done for his country.'That's her problem not the fact she's dumping a man because of his occupation (a pharmacist). Vain Vain Vain

    How i love those girls
  • Season 7, Episode 12.

    WOW. This episode is hilarious! The beginning scene with the will rocked! Charlie left everything to his cow and Rose had a thick steak to celebrate winning the lawsuit! LMAO! Blanche didn't remember Bill, the army soldier she had a relationship a long time ago. Dorothy was trying to kill Sophia! Haha! "Rose don't! That tea is for my mommy." Priceless. Blanche was terrible with the soldier on that date, but it was hilarious. Rose watches La Law (not L.A. Law). Haha! Dorothy told Blanche that these aren't the best years of her life, and that they are the last years of her life! Haha, I love GG.