The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 12

From Here to the Pharmacy

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof (Continuity): Sophia says that Sal didn't come back from WWII until 1951, however, she has also admitted that Dorothy was married in 1949, and Dorothy mentioned that Sal was the one who made her marry Stan.  If he didn't get back until 1951, how did he know about Dorothy's pregnancy and how could he make her marry Stan?

    • Goof: Rose tells an eerie story about a cow that was awarded custody of the car because Charlie tried to be funny with his will, and how she enjoyed it when it was made into a steak. However, in Season Six's "Henny Penny, Straight -- No Chaser," Rose can't fathom an animal being harmed, let alone killed.

    • Goof:Sophia admits to having hoarded checks from Phil and Gloria all these years. However, in several episodes Sophia states that Phil lives in a trailer park and is not financially stable. Where would he find the money to send her these checks?

  • Quotes

    • Blanche: (trying to figure out how to dump Bill) I guess I could always tell him he's too good for me.
      Rose: Sometimes the truth is best.

    • Blanche: I said things to [Bill] last night that I never said to anybody...clean things!

    • Rose: Good morning, Dorothy.
      Dorothy: Don't start, Rose.
      Rose: I'm sorry, Dorothy. That "good morning" crack was way out of line.

    • Dorothy: You're using Rose as your lawyer?
      Rose: I do have some experience. I watch La Law every Tuesday night!

    • Sophia: You can't do this to me that money is for my old age.
      Dorothy: Old age? ma you don't leave finger prints anymore.
      Sophia: I'm in my twilight years.
      Dorothy: You're in the twilight zone.

  • Notes

    • The end credits of this episode feature bloopers from the scene with Rose and Sophia writing the will. This is not shown on Lifetime.

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