The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 15

Goodbye, Mr. Gordon

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

Dorothy gets a phone call from her high school teacher, Mr. Gordon, and she's positively giddy to find out he's in town and will be stopping by to see her. Meanwhile, Rose comes in – all excited because she's been promoted to associate producer at the station for Miami's morning show. The morning show is doing a special on women who live together, and Blanche and Dorothy suggest that they appear on the show.

When Mr. Gordon arrives, Dorothy is beside herself with giddiness, just like she was in high school. He has an article he's submitting and asks her for help on it. Sophia joins them for lunch on the lanai and brings out photographs of Dorothy when she was in school to humiliate her.

At Rose's television station, Dorothy is given roses and kissed by Mr. Gordon, leaving her in shock. When the cameras roll, the real shock is finding out that Blanche and Dorothy are being labeled in front of all Miami as lesbians, thanks to Rose. Apparently, the show was looking for women who loved each other and slept together. Blanche and Dorothy agree to go along with it so Rose doesn't get fired.

As Dorothy spends hours working on revisions for Mr. Gordon, Sophia warns her that this is the same thing that happened in high school, when Dorothy graded papers and spent all her time taking care of Mr. Gordon's work for him, while he took advantage. At the same time, Blanche is furious with Rose, since all of Miami now thinks she is a lesbian, including all the men she knows.

Blanche eventually forgives Rose when she strikes a date with a man she meant in the Supermarket. When Mr. Gordon shows Dorothy the published article, she's shocked to find out that he used all her work, without giving her any credit for the help. Just like in high school, he was simply using her. Dorothy asks him to leave, and admits to Sophia that her mother was right all along.

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