The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 15

Goodbye, Mr. Gordon

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Malcolm/Mr. Gordon mentions that Dorothy didn't hand in an assignment because she had married Stan, but couldn't remember his last name.  How could he have looked up Dorothy in Miami if he didn't know her last name (he knew her as Petrillo, not Zbornak)?  Additionally, how could he have known that she lived in Miami now?

    • Goof:Dorothy states that she was seventeen in the 11th grade, while her teacher, Mr. Gordon, was twenty-three. However, she also states that now Mr. Gordon is in his 70s and is ancient. Dorothy is not near her 70s in this episode, so her math may be a little off.

    • Sophia's calendar from 1984 marks the day she escaped from Shady Pines. However, Sophia escaped in 1985, after the home burned down.

    • James T Callahan plays Dorothy's high school teacher despite being younger than actress Beatrice Arthur.

    • James Callahan was a drama teacher at Beverly Hills High School prior to becoming an actor full time.

  • Quotes

    • Ron:: Dorothy,a lesbian.Blanche,another lesbian and Pat and Cathy,image consultants.

    • Rose: Oh, go ahead, Blanche. I'm a bubblehead and I deserve to die.
      (no one says anything)
      Rose: I said I'm a bubblehead and I deserve to die!!
      Dorothy: And it was worth repeating.

    • Dorothy: When you're 17 years-old, 23 can seem dangerous and forbidden!
      Rose: When you're 17, a cow can seem dangerous and forbidden!

    • Man in the crowd: (directing question to Blanche and Dorothy, after being told they're lesbians) Are there male/female roles in the relationship?
      Blanche: Well, I am the little homemaker, if that's what you mean!
      Dorothy: (indignant) Now, wait a minute!(decides to go along with it)...And I take out the garbage.

    • Rose: If you leave they'll fire me. Dorothy: Good! My mother is here. My teacher is here. Good! Rose: If I lose my job I won't be able to do anything but...sit home and tell St. Olaf stories! Blanche: Blackmail! Very smart. Rose: They don't call me Harold Goldstein for nothing.

    • Ron: [to the studio audience] Any other questions? Ah! Here we go!
      Sophia: This is directed to Dorothy's lover: Do people treat you differently because you're a lesbian?
      Blanche: Well, most people don't know.
      Sophia: Really? I would've guessed right off. Next question to Dorothy: What kind of pain and embarrassment has this lifestyle caused your mother?
      Dorothy: I really don't know, but... I'll ask her tomorrow when I visit her at... THE HOME.

    • Dorothy: Rose, we can't kill you in here because there are cameras!
      (when Dorothy and Blanche learn that the episode of the TV show Rose is producing deals with lesbian lovers living together!)

  • Notes

    • The end credits feature a brief tag where Pat (from "Wake up, Miami") comes to the door, as she heard about Dorothy and Blanche's "break-up."

      Dorothy's reply:
      "Too Soon."

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