The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 16

Grab That Dough

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sophia gets tickets for "Grab That Dough". However, she used her Sicilian mailing address inbstead of her own. The girls rush over to California just to make the taping.

When they arrive @ the hotel, the clerk doesn't have any rooms & charges them $75 just to sleep in the lobby. But when they woke up, their purses were stolen. However, Sophia still had the tickets to the game show which she placed in her bra.

At the game show, Blanche meets a pair of male contestant brothers who were big winners on previous game shows. So she advises Dorothy that they'd team up with them. But Rose & Sophia take it that they're too stupid to play with them.

The game show airs. Dorothy, Blanche & the Kaplan brothers are the Green Team while Sophia, Rose & two female contestants are the Blue Team. In the trivia lightning round, Rose & Sophia answer all the questions correctly to win $400.

Then the teams get to spin the wheel. Blanche spins first & lands on "GRAB THAT DOUGH!" Dorothy got to grab money for the Green Team inside a money machine & won $900!

Guy Corbin then asks if they'll keep $900 or go for one of the three windows. They choose Window #3 & end up winning an electric skillet along with a year's supply of soup!
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