The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 16

Grab That Dough

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1988 on NBC

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  • Winifred Hervey's finest half hour from Season 3.

    "Grab That Dough" is Hervey's best written episode from Season 3. Full of hilarious and wonderfully scathing conversations (with numerous insulting references -- a staple of Golden Girls comedy) and a refreshing storyline that brings a silly chuckle every time I watch it, "Grab That Dough" is a success from start to finish.

    The plotline is simple. Sophia gets tickets for all of them to appear on the game show "Grab That Dough" -- by the by, a perfect name for a gameshow with these four women (always obsessed with obtaining a fast and easy buck). So the girls fly out to Los Angeles, and disaster after disaster strikes. The airline loses their luggage, the hotel where they have reserved a room cancelled the reservation after they arrived too late, each girl's purse is stolen after they lounge in the hotel lobby for the evening, and most importantly, all of them get figuratively robbed at "Grab That Dough".

    The game show itself was enormously amusing. It's hard not to love the girls competing against each other. "Dorothy, Rose and your mother are dead weight!" Blanche says. "And Dorothy is the biggest disappointment since the AMC Pacer!" Sophia tells the host of the game show.

    I love the "three door options" at the end of the game show. A new living room, a car, and a frying pan. "It stinks!" Dorothy says. "My apologies to the Fry-Quick Corporation," the game show host quickly appends. But that's not all! A life time supply of soup!

    Two of the major themes of this show are played out in fine fashion in this episode. The first is the girls' eternal quest for making money and their failure at doing so. I'm so glad they never threw up their hands and said, "Face it. We're poor." The second is that their friendships are sometimes secondary to their competitive nature -- but they always do the right thing in the end. "We made up on the plane," Rose says. "There was nothing else to do," Dorothy replies.

    There are many reasons these girls are golden, and this episode is a surefire example of this fact.
  • This was probably one of the better episodes of season three.

    Season three, again, not my favorite, really caught my attention with this episode. The girls are set to appear on a gameshow and mishaps almost prevent them from making it there. Upon arrival, their luggage is lost, their purses are stolen and they think they lost the tickets. I liked how Sophia hid them in her bra. I also loved watching Guy Corbin telling them all to "shut up." It was hilarious when they won an electric skillet. My favorite part at the end was when Sophia said "Give me a hundred dollars," and Dorothy said "Make it fifty," and Sophia comes back and says "Done. I love you," and goes to bed. This was a very good episode.