The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 16

Grab That Dough

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Sophia mentionsMussolini and his torture devices. However, she left Italy before WWII (Dorothy was born in Brooklyn in 1932). How would she know about this?

    • How ridiculous is it that first off, the "audience" applauds for every one of the girls when introduced, except Sophia? And of course, we all know that on a game show, only the SPECIAL people are introduced. There's at least four other contestants that apparently aren't important enough to introduce.

    • The girls must not have traveled too far, because the exterior shot of their HOLLYWOOD hotel is the same hotel they stayed at on Miami Beach in "Ladies of the Evening."

    • In the very first scene in the kitchen, in which Sophia announces that she has won the tickets, the silverware settings on the table switch places in between shots, even though none of the girls are near it.

    • When Sophia was introduced to the audience on "Grab That Dough", she was credited as being a grandmother of six. Yet in the episode "A Little Romance", when she leaves to visit her son Phil and his family, she comments, "My son married a welder. Too bad she didn't weld his zipper shut, they've got ten kids!" Dorothy had two kids and her sister Gloria had at least two. If Phil was supposed to have ten, that makes fourteen grandchildren. What happened to the other eight?

  • Quotes

    • Guy: Behind Window 1, brand-new living room furniture! Retail price for this magnificent prize: $12,000. But that's not what you picked.
      Dorothy: Thanks for pointing that out, Guy.
      Guy: You're welcome, Dorothy.

    • Guy: Now, Green Team, you'll have 15 seconds to grab as much money as you can. Who's going to grab today?
      Dorothy: I'm going to grab today, Guy.
      Guy: Wonderful, Dorothy! You oughta make quite a haul with those meat hooks!
      (Dorothy laughs)

    • Sophia: I'm in the ladies room, I look in my bra, what do you think I find?
      Dorothy: Hopefully what we all find when we look in our bra.
      Sophia: Ah please, I haven't had those since I nursed your brother, Phil. It's the tickets!
      Dorothy: Oh Ma, I could kiss you.
      Sophia: Ah, hold that thought until we locate a toothbrush.

    • Guy: Have I got something for you. A brand-new electric skillet!
      (Window 3 opens to reveal said prize)
      Blanche: A what?!
      Guy: An electric skillet. It's from Fry-Quick. It not only fries, it boils, it bakes, it simmers...
      Dorothy: It stinks!
      Guy: My apologies to the Fry-Quick Corporation.

    • Guy Corbin: For another 100 points, "Who is the current Secretary of State?
      (Willard rings in)
      Guy: Willard.
      Willard: Charles Schultz.
      Dorothy: He created 'Peanuts!'
      Willard: I thought that was George Washington Carver!
      Dorothy: (scolding) Willard, don't ever touch your buzzer again.

    • Rose: We made up on the plane.
      Dorothy: There was nothing else we could do. It was either that or watch Three Amigos! with a headset.

    • Sophia: You, Dorothy, are the biggest disappointment to hit the streets since the AMC Pacer!

    • Sophia: I was on a game show once in Sicily, it was torture.
      Rose: What was it called?
      Sophia: I just told you, Torture, Mussolini asked the questions and you better have the right answer "Who do you think's a better dresser, me or Hitler?" "Who's got the snappiest boots, me or Hitler? "Who's got the cuter girlfriend, me or Hitler?" and you always had to answer Mussolini or they would force you to play the lightning round and they used real lightning!
      Dorothy: Ma, you made that up!
      Sophia: Like hell I did! Goodson and Todman brought it to America, changed a few of the rules, and renamed it Tattletales!

    • Guy: For 100 points, "Complete this famous saying: Better Late Than..."
      (Blanche rings in)
      Guy: Blanche.
      Blanche: Pregnant!
      Guy: That's incorrect, but certainly not untrue.

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on November 06, 1987.

    • The hotel is the same set for when the girls attend a nudist camp in "Valentine's Day" and also Shady Pines on the spin-off "The Golden Palace" episode "Seems like old times" (a 2-part episode where Dorothy comes for a visit)

    • The background shot during the closing credits features the four ladies and Tiffany (the hostess) in the wings of the gameshow soundstage, with Rose making a Vanna White-type gesture.

    • Betty White makes a 2nd reference to the Match Game of the 70s and 80s, the show in which she was a semi-regular. Rose mentions that Guy Corbin's personalities, she mentions Gene Rayburn, the host of the Match Game in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

  • Allusions

    • Rose makes a 2nd reference to theMatch Gameof the 70s and 80s, the show in which Betty White was a semi-regular. Rose also mentions hosts of game shows, which she includesGene Rayburn, the host of theMatch Gamein the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

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