The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 14

Great Expectations

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1990 on NBC

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  • Rose joins a positive thinking group and encourages her friends to join. Blanche's relationship with a man is going great, until he suffers a heart attack, and Blanche avoids him because she fears losing him.

    The scenes with the positive thinking group are timeless. Each woman stays true to her character. Rose doesn't understand why she's unique, Dorothy thinks it's all a sham, Blanche is trying to pick up men, and Sophia is pretending to be Melanie Griffith. Blanche's boyfriend suffers a heart attack, and Blanche does not visit him out of fear. When she finally decides to go, he tells her he has gone back to his wife, because she was there when he needed her. Blanche is upset with herself, but she bounces back when she inadvertantly sets up a date with the man in the next bed.