The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 12

Have Yourself a Very Little Christmas

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • It has never been 103 in Miami as Dorothy claims when she walks in from shopping.  Also, not only is it unlikely there would be a heat wave in December,but, the hottest temperature ever in Miami was 100, and that occurred in July.

    • Viewed by 31.2 million people, and ranked #4 for the week.

    • In the opening scene, Stan's gift to Dorothy goes from sitting on the corner of the coffee table in one shot to disappearing altogether in the next shot, even though none of the girls go near it.

  • Quotes

    • Rose: You know, I've been thinking.
      Blanche: That would explain the beads of sweat.

    • Stan: What if I told you, I'm going to make all you ladies wealthy?
      Dorothy: How come when my ship comes in, it's leaking?

    • Rose: As we say in St. Olaf, Christmas without fruitcake would be like St. Sigmund's Day without the headless boy!

    • Blanche: Sophia, you were just kidding about the eels, right?
      Sophia: It wouldn't be Christmas in Sicily without eels, eels and larks.
      Blanche: Honey, larks aren't eating birds, they're singing birds.
      Sophia: They don't sing long in Sicily.

    • Dorothy: Come on, Stan, you've always been able to turn a bad situation around. Remember the Christmas we were so broke that you convinced the kids that Christmas was actually December 26th? You went out and got a tree from somebody's garbage and decorated it with gum wrappers and pull tabs and put on Jim Thorp, All American, and told them it was King of Kings.
      Stan: And they believed it.
      Dorothy: Right up to where Jesus got His olympic medals taken away for playing professional baseball.

    • Dorothy: Ma, remember the Midnight Mass? The music and the candles, it was beautiful.
      Sophia: And they spoke Latin...these days who knows? It might be English, it might be Spanish, they should put it back to Latin, the language Jesus spoke.
      Dorothy: Ma, He spoke Hebrew.
      Sophia: Even in church?

    • Dorothy: Robbie wanted a Batman hat, I went to three stores, there was one left and another woman saw it.
      Blanche: Oh no.
      Dorothy: I tell you I don't understand how a woman can push aside a complete stranger, step on her hand and elbow her in the forehead all for a Batman hat. But I did it anyway.

    • Blanche: Rose, for the last half hour you've been humming Jingle Bells and yelling out 'hey!' Why do you do that?
      Rose: It's too hard to yell out the 'hey'.

    • Sophia: We've got all these fruitcakes from this year, last year and the year before, why don't we put them together and...
      Dorothy: And what, Ma, make a fortress?
      Sophia: No, we can unload them, I mean take them to the church for dessert.

    • Dorothy: Why are the Christmas cookies in shapes of American flags and Liberty bells?
      Rose: I couldn't find the Christmas cookie cutters so I used the 4th of July cookie cutters.

    • Dorothy: Take a look around at these kids, this may be the only Christmas they have. Think about that instead of your own problems, Stanley.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is a song written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, made famous by Judy Garland.

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