The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 26

Henny Penny -- Straight, No Chaser

Aired Unknown May 04, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Rose is appalled at the thought of exposing this horror story to children about harming animals, but when custody of the car was awarded to the cow in Charlie's will as a joke, Rose was anxious to cook it up and sink her teeth into a juicy steak. Not violent much, huh?

    • David Jay Willis, who portrayed the flower delivery man, also did the Warm-ups at the tapings of The Golden Girls.

    • Why would Mel Bushman be sending flowers and a card addressed to Blanche explaining he was going back to his ex-wife if he thought Blanche was dead?

  • Quotes

    • After the play, Rose runs back out on stage and asks the children to not let Foxy Loxy "eat" Turkey Lurkey, Henny Penny and Goosey Loosey
      Rose: Clap now, if you want to see the goose, the chicken and the turkey live! Come on, put your little hands together! Save us and you won't have bad dreams. (pause) Clap, you miserable--" (Dorothy and Blanche run out on stage and try to push Rose backstage)
      Dorothy: Come on Henny, let's get it over with
      Rose: But they'll have bad dreams!
      Blanche: Rose, Come on!
      Rose: (to the children)Fine but I just want you all to know, there are MONSTERS living under ALL YOUR BEDS!

    • Frank: Where am I going to find somebody with the childlike innocence to play Henny Penny?
      Rose: (entering) You won't believe this but I just saw a cloud that looks like a cotton ball.

    • Sophia: And so on she walked until she met Loosey Goosey, one of the most popular birds in the barnyard.
      Blanche: THE most popular.
      Sophia: (to the 1st graders) And the 8th graders are seeing a play today about how to be that popular, safely.

    • Sophia: One day, Henny Penny was sleeping under a tree when an acorn fell on her head. It's funny, when I was a little girl in Sicily and they told this story, it was a safe that fell on her head.

    • Dorothy: Rose, you mean you didn't read the end of the play until today?
      Rose: Hey, if there's anything I remember from my wedding night, it's my husband telling me not to peek!

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on April 17, 1991.

    • The mail between Sicily and Miami must be pretty quick. Sophia gets her chess move, and two days later, the day of the play, she already has the woman's next move. It's very hard to believe that in 2 days, Sophia's move would get to Sicily, and that woman would send her's right back.

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