The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 1

Hey, Look Me Over

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

The girls are in the living room and Rose has a stack of old stuff in boxes that Blanche asks when she'll finally throw away. Rose replies that she has no intention of disposing of the items, and as Blanche goes through the one box, they discover Charlie's old camera - with film still in it. Dorothy offers to drop it off to get developed.

Meanwhile, Dorothy is concerned about Sophia's hearing and tries to convince her to go to a doctor. Sophia laughs it off, telling her daughter that every time she brings home a new pamphlet, Dorothy thinks Sophia has all the symptoms of whatever it describes.

When Dorothy brings home the pictures from Charlie's camera, Rose is stunned to find one of Charlie in bed with Blanche. She confronts Blanche, who reassures them that she has record of all her men she's dated, and brings out several books. Much to Rose's dismay, there is a record of Blanche sleeping with a traveling salesman named "Chuck" in the spring of the year Charlie went to Florida. Rose is enraged and devastated.

In the meantime, Dorothy threatens Sophia with Shady Pines in order to get her hearing checked; they return hours later, and Sophia's hearing is just fine. Dorothy needs a hearing aid instead.

As Rose avoids Blanche, Dorothy becomes reclusive out of a refusal to wear her hearing aid, and thereby not being able to catch conversation and music as well. Finally, Dorothy is convinced to lose her self-consciousness and wear the hearing aid, and she helps Rose make a surprising discovery: all the photos in Charlie's camera were double exposed with Blanche's, and the two never even met.

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