The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 1

Hey, Look Me Over

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Blanche tries to tell Rose that what happened with Charlie happened over 8 years ago. Even though, we learn the man wasn't Charlie, the three women have supposedly been living with Blanche since 2 years before the series began, which at this point, would mean they've been together 9 years. So this story isn't possible because Charlie would have already been dead 8 years prior.

    • Dorothy says that she and Sophia are going to hear the philharmonic orchestra play "Beethoven's Sonata 29". But a sonata is a solo piano piece and wouldn't be performed by an orchestra.

      While this is true, they may be going to see the philharmonic play and Beethoven's Sonata 29may be the highlight with a guest musician playing solo piano pieces.

    • About the hearing aid thing, apparently Sophia seems to need one when Dorothy's date John Nerritti (EPI. 150 - WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DATE MAKES) says "You haven't aged a bit!" twice. Sophia claims to have heard him, only to repeat to herself "Only staged a hit??" Yet 5 episodes later (EPI. 155 - HEY, LOOK ME OVER), her hearing is fine and Dorothy's is not.

    • In this episode Dorothy thinks Sophia needs a hearing aide. After much coaxing Sophia goes to the ear doctor with Dorothy and they not only find out that not only is Sophia's hearing great, but they find out that Dorothy needs a hearing aide. But in another episode Sophia mentions that if she turns up her hearing aide she can "hear a parakeet break wind in Lauderdale"...

    • In this episode, Blanche tells the girls that her full name is Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux, but in the episode "Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy," Mammy Watkins reprimands Blanche and calls her Blanche Marie.

  • Quotes

    • Sophia: Dorothy, every time you get some new pamphlet, I have whatever disease it describes...and not just diseases. For a while there, I thought I was a Jew for Jesus.
      Rose: (coming out to the Lanai) Hi Sophia!
      Sophia: Shalom.

    • Dorothy: People with hearing loss tend to act forgetful, Ma forgot about the tickets.
      Blanche: That was just an excuse, your mother isn't getting forgetful.
      Sophia: (entering with an empty tray) Hot coffee. (looks at the tray)
      Dorothy: (reading hearing loss symptoms) Number three, they tend to act cranky.
      Sophia: Ah hell with it, get your own coffee.
      Dorothy: And number four, they laugh out of context.
      Sophia: (laughing) I thought you said 'my dog has no nose. Well how does he smell? Awful!' (nobody responds) Awful! Nothing eh? Well I laughed when I thought you said it.

    • [Rose is ripping the picture of Charlie in bed with Blanche]
      Dorothy: Rose, did you see the rest of the pictures? Here's Blanche in bed with Charlie, and in bed with a canoe, and i bed with a Sunkist vending machine, and in bed with one of the Country Bears Jamboree. Rose, do you know what this means?
      Rose: I sure do. Blanche is an animal!

    • Blanche: I don't sleep with men who wear wedding bands.
      Rose: Well, what if he took it off?
      Blanche: Well, then I'd see the tan line.
      Rose: Well, what if he was from Minnesota and had no tan?
      Blanche: Ewww.

    • Rose: "If that isn't a book of how many men you've slept with then why does it say bed on the cover?"
      Blanche: "Those are my initials."
      Dorothy: "Your initials spell bed?"
      Blanche: "Yes. Now Rose I'll prove to you that I did not sleep with your husband."
      Dorothy: "Or her name isn't bed."

    • Blanche: Rose honey, put yourself in my position.
      Rose: Apparently, I'm not limber enough!

  • Notes

    • This is the first and only season of The Golden Girls to go out of the Top 10 in the Nielson. It hit #30 just barely staying within the Nielson's Top 30. The previous season was #10, just barely staying within the Top 10. Still, this is still good for a long-running show.

    • Beatrice Arthur decided she did not want to continue as Dorothy Zbornak after this season, therefore this was the first episode of the final season of The Golden Girls.

    • In this episode, we learn that Blanche's middle name is Elizabeth. As such her initials spell B.E.D.

  • Allusions

    • Rose: You've landed on your back more times then....
      Dorothy: The American Gladiators.

      This is a reference to the television show of the same name. American Gladiators was an athletic competition in which people were always landing on their backs.