The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 20

High Anxiety

Aired Unknown Mar 25, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • It seems highly unlikely that neither Rose's friends, family, or doctor would not notice a 30 year addiction to pain pills. The side effects alone from taking this type of pill for so long would be noticable. Not to mention that if she had been taking pills for 30 years, she would need to be taking more than one per day to have the desired effect. Over time her body would have built up a tolerance to the drug.

    • In this episode,Sophia said that she never breastfed Dorothy.However in "Till Death do we volley",Sophia said Dorothy was breastfed until she was 2.

    • Not only is Dorothy's breast feeding in question, but now so is Phil's. In "Transplant" Sophia remarked about how Phil loved the breastmilk til he was 12 years old and wanted to race home from school at lunchtime for a tasty treat.

    • While Dorothy is slurping up what's left in the blender, Sophia says, "Is it any wonder that I never breast fed you?" But actually, in Season 2's And Then There Was One, Sophia says that she breast-fed all her children, except her son Phil.

    • Continuity Error: Rose says during the game that she owns the only street in St. Olaf. However, in "Brother, Can You Spare that Jacket?" she mentions another street, and in Season One she talks about her father pulling a tuna up Main Street. So, there's at least three streets in St. Olaf.

    • Dorothy says Rose is allergic to cats even though we know Rose met Blanche (in "The Way We Met") while looking for a new apartment after being evicted for having a cat. It is also mentioned in another episode that she had a cat named Lindstrom Lindstrom and in another episode she mentions that her dog Rusty saved her whole family from a fire, including a cat who they never really liked.

  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: I can't understand how you could forget to tell Rose about that accident.
      Sophia: Forgive me. My memory is not as good as it used to be. Nothing on me is as good as it used to be.

    • Rose: Don't come in here! Everybody out!
      Dorothy: What's wrong, Rose?
      Rose: The slightest noise and my hupafloggle cake will fall!! (opens the oven door) Oh, why, WHY, WHY??????

    • Blanche: ...there was a time in my life when I tried quittin' somethin'.
      Dorothy: Blanche, you don't mean...
      Blanche: Sex, Dorothy. I tried quittin' sex.
      Dorothy: Obviously you fell off the wagon.
      Sophia: And onto a naval base.

    • Dorothy: There's a place for people with this kind of problem.
      Sophia: Please, what's she going to do in the NBA?
      Dorothy: I meant a rehabilitation center.
      Rose: I don't need one of those places, I can't go to one of those places. I'd be too embarrassed.
      Dorothy: What is there to be embarrassed about? Was Betty Ford embarrassed? Was Liza Minelli embarrassed?
      Sophia: She should be, did you see Arthur 2?

    • (Rose is describing why she can't quit the pills)
      Rose: Because tonight is the anniversary of the death of my beloved cat, Fluffy.
      Dorothy: Rose, you have never had cats, you're allergic!
      Rose: Okay, it's the anniversary of the death of my beloved brother, Fluffy.

    • (after rolling dice)
      Rose: Oh. What luck I own Latenrooten Avenue! Game over, I win.

    • Sophia: Mm mmm....that's a mighty....that's a mighty lousy pizza.
      (Spits out pizza)
      Dorothy: Ma, you've never tasted it before.
      Sophia: No and I never will again.
      Sy: What the hell are you doing?
      Sophia: Sorry, Sy. You can't pay me enough to endorse that slime on a shingle.
      Dorothy: Ma, this is a nationwide commercial. There's a lot of money involved here.
      Sophia: Sorry Dorothy, there two things a Sicilian won't do: lie about pizza and file a tax return.

    • (Dorothy notices Rose about to swallow something.)
      Dorothy: Rose, spit it out! Spit it out now!
      (Rose hands dorothy the 'pill'.)
      Dorothy: This is Fred Flintstone, his nose is dissolved, but it is undoubtedly Fred Flintstone.
      Rose: It's my vitamins.

    • (while playing gobingspritzer)
      Dorothy: Let's see, I can either buy the library or the phone booth.
      Rose: I'd buy the phone booth.
      Dorothy: Why?
      Rose: People use the phone booth.

    • (while playing gobingspritzer)
      Rose: Games over I win.
      Dorothy: What! you bought one street in St. Olaf.
      Rose: I bought the only street in St. Olaf.

  • Notes

    • Rose's pill addiction stemmed from a back injury she sustained over 30 years prior when she temporarily replaced the "big fat lady who pulled plows for a living" back in St. Olaf.

  • Allusions

    • Sy: Look, if I wanted this kind of abuse, I'd be directing The Roseanne Barr Show!

      Roseanne Barr is an American actress who is most famous for playing herself on the long-running 1990's sitcom Roseanne. She was always known for her sharp wit and sarcastic sense of humor.

    • The game the girls play is the St. Olafian version of the classic board game Monopoly.