The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 23

Home Again, Rose (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Interesting how Dorothy mentions how deceitful people at reunions are since crashing a reunion and being deceitful is the theme of this episode.

    • If Rose went into cardiac arrest, apparently in the middle of the night, what hospital on earth wouldn't contact the relatives or people she lives with? In reality, the girls would have been informed.

    • Rose says that she and the people of St. Olaf don't believe in psychiatrists, and yet Rose has worked in grief counseling for many years. That has to be linked to psychiatry.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Blanche asks Dorothy for advice on how to entertain her young granddaughter. However, after the events of the episode "Beauty and the Beast" (which aired earlier this season), where Blanche's other granddaughter Melissa came to visit, you would think that Blanche would know more about how to act around a child.

    • In this episode, Blanche gets a visit from her grown daughter Janet and young granddaughter Sarah. However, in an episode that aired earlier this season ("Beauty and the Beast"), Janet sends her daughter Melissa for a week-long visit with Blanche, and that child was a 7-year-old brunette. In this episode, however, Janet has a little blonde daughter with her, who looks to be about 4 years old, and the plot advances as if Melissa doesn't even exist anymore. It seems that the writers had a plot inconsistency here--something that they did throughout the series--but it's unusual that they wrote Janet into the same season with two completely different kids.

    • If St. Olafians never go to doctors, or psychiatrists, how did Rose get addicted to prescription medication?

  • Quotes

    • Rose:(handing out name tags) Sophia,you're be Myron Zucker.Sophia:Rose,you idiot! There's no way I'm ever gonna pass for a man.Dorothy, trade with me?Dorothy: Go to hell, Myron.

    • Blanche: (to Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia) Oh, good! You're all here! (lowers her voice sarcastically) It's Saturday night, of course you're all here!

    • Dorothy:Blanche, how do you tell a slut from a yearbook?Rose:(gets excited) Ooh, how do you tell a slut from a yearbook? don't have to buy a yearbook dinner!Blanche: Rose. Rose:You can take a yearbook home to your parents. Blanche:Rose.Rose: There's nothing wrong with having a yearbook on the coffee table.Dorothy:Rose, this isn't a riddle! Rose: Well, make it one! I had three good answers!

    • Dorothy: Wait a minute. What about Ma?
      Sophia: Thank you, pussycat.
      Dorothy: We'll have to get a sitter.
      Blanche: No more sitters. We're still in litigation with the last one.
      Sophia: She bit me first!

    • Rose: You don't understand. I'm from St. Olaf. St. Olaf is farm country. We're rough and rugged. We don't believe in seeing doctors. Never. In fact, my grandfather once removed his neighbor's appendix, and he wasn't even sick!
      Dorothy: Why would he do that?
      Rose: Well, let's just say they were playing poker, and the stakes got a little high.

    • Sophia: We've all gotten a second chance. I realized I wasn't living up to my potential. I'm gonna find out what I'm good at. Take an aptitude test. Maybe even go to law school.
      Dorothy: Oh, come on, Ma, you'll be 96 when you get out.
      Sophia: I'll be 96, anyway!

    • Dorothy: Ma, what is wrong with you? You've been leaving the toilet seat up all week!
      Sophia: Thank God. I thought I was losing weight.

    • Blanche: Oh, girls, you won't believe it. My daughter Janet and her little daughter Sarah are coming for a visit! Oh, I've never been so happy!
      Sophia: Janet. Isn't that the daughter who hates you?
      Blanche: (pause) Well, that didn't last long, did it?

    • Sarah: Can we go to the petting zoo, Grandma?
      Blanche: Well, of course we can, honey. We can do anything you can imagine on God's magnificent Earth!
      Janet: Well, you sure are in a good mood for a Sunday morning., Sarah and I can wait in the kitchen if you need a few minutes to say goodbye to Uncle Whoever.
      Blanche: Oh, no, honey, it's nothing like that. I just thought the three of us could go to Church together, just like good people.
      Janet: Oh, you know how I feel about organized religion. It makes me crazy, and I do not want Sarah's head filled with stories about a God who may or may not exist.
      Blanche: Well, darling, of course He exists.

    • Rose: Oh trust me, it'll work, or my name isn't Kim Fong Toi!

    • Dorothy: Ma, you can't take that!
      Sophia: Come on, Dorothy, they expect you to. It's like hotel soap!

    • Guy: They're both imposters!
      Dorothy: Run, Ma! Run!
      Rose: (clutches chest) Ooooh, Dorothy! (collapses)
      Dorothy: Now see what you've done? You're upset Kim Fong-Toi!
      Blanche: Rose! Rose! Dorothy, she's not joking!
      Dorothy: Oh my God, somebody get help!

    • Blanche: Rose was in pain and I never even heard her cry for help. All I ever think about is me. Me, me, me!
      Dorothy: Blanche, pull yourself together!
      Blanche: Do you mind, Dorothy? I'm talking about me!

  • Notes

    • Kirsten, Rose's daughter, appears for the second and third time throughout this two-parter but this time portrayed by an actor other than Christine Belford who originated the role.

    • Rose briefly explains Miles as being out of town which would explain his absence throughout this important time in Rose's life.

    • This episode is the first, and along with Home Again, Rose (2) the only time we see Blanche's daughter Janet.

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