The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 24

Home Again, Rose (2)

Aired Unknown May 02, 1992 on NBC

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  • Part 2 of Home Again Rose. Rose is about to be released from the hospital, but when the girls go to get her,they find out she is about to go in for major surgery.

    This episode is probably the last great episode of the show. The girls are upset that they can't see Rose because they aren't related. A problem that lots of people who consider themselves family have encountered. While waiting for Kirsten to show up, the girls start to remember times in the past to help them get through the waiting. They end up singing the Rhinegold beer jingle, just as Kirsten arrives. She misunderstands and thinks the girls are the reason that Rose is sick. After the operation, when Kirsten is afraid that she won't be able to afford rehab for Rose, Blanche and Dorothy tell her that they will mortgage the house for Rose. It's then that Kirsten realizes ( and the rest of us too) how important the girls are to each other. It's a wonderful reminder of the whole series and the incredible love between these four women. A great episode that ends on a funny note when Rose tells the girls about her dream when they are all frozen heads! When Rose returns home, you know she will be in good hands, just like she was all along!
  • Part two of Home Again Rose

    After the girls learned that Rose is being prompt to sugury.The girls are unable to visit Rose.But Dorthy called Kristin and she was on her way over.Blanche makes an vow that there are certain things that she is never going to do.Altough is actucally worked so it seems of course.In the end Kristin decided that the girls could go and see Rose.Since they are her real family.While Rose slept she dream something odd which was having their heads frozen.Seeing that Rose is finally better.

    Yeah an great episode.Blanche granddaughter points out that she misses her grandmother who always talking with the guys.
  • Really great episode

    After the Girls find out Rose needs a triple bypass, they begin to reminence about the good, fun times they had with her. Then Rose's daughter, Kirsten, walks in on them, having fun. Upset thinking that thier "fun" has put her mother in this condition, she doesnt allow to see her before her operation. Rose and Kirsten have a talk before Rose is wheeled out and Kirsten finds out how much the girls mean to her. Rose has a dream during her operation that she, Blanche and Dorothy had thier heads frozen. After the operation, Kirsten finally allows the Girls to see Rose, who returns home when she is well. A very sad storyline, indeed. Kirsten wasnt much of a help, blaming the Girls for Rose's heart condition, but it's still one of my favrites. 10/10
  • top 5 for me

    Roses dream is the funniest moment on Golden Girls ever amd taht is saying a lot all of them just being thawed out head and Sofia walking in with a baody I die laughing ever time that being said, the reat is pure sentiment and emotion I love it when Kirsten finally realizes the girls are family..