The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 24

Home Again, Rose (2)

Aired Unknown May 02, 1992 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Kirsten: They just brought my mother back from surgery, and.....(near tears) Well, she doesn't look so good.
      Blanche: When can we see her?
      Kirsten: I don't think that would be a very good idea right now.
      Dorothy: What did the doctor say?
      Kirsten: Well, he said that the next few hours are very crucial, and that even if she does make it, she may need a lot of physical therapy. (starts crying) And her insurance doesn't really cover that, and I don't know what we're gonna do!
      Blanche: Oh, honey, don't you worry about that. Why, if Rose needs physical therapy, we'll simply see to it that she gets it. Hell, that's why houses have mortgages.
      Kirsten: You would do that for her?
      Dorothy: Of course. Listen, we made a pact a few years ago that if anything ever happened to one of us, the other three would take care of her--kind of like an "added insurance."