The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 15

In a Bed of Rose's

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1986 on NBC

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  • Poor Rose

    Rose's husband Charlie also die in her bed when they were making love, and this time Al also die in her bed when they were making love. Wow, Poor Rose have no luck in bed. lol
  • One night makes Rose have an terriable nightmare.

    Rose is dating an man name Al.One night when they spend together.Al asked if he could sleep in her room.Rose tells him that he has leave cause she want the girls to know that he was there.He promised of course.So the next morning.Blanche begin to comment on Rose about last night that she was sleeping with an man.Of course Rose begin to deny it.But when Sophia comes and tell Rose that she saw an man in her bed.An dead man of course.Rose denys it.Afriad of telling Al's sister about Al's death.When she calls she found out it was Al's wife.She felt that it was her fault.But she learn that she wasn't the one that caused Al's death of course.

    An average episode.But it was funny as well.
  • so funny

    this is one of the best episodes ver, the pure comedic brillence, all the girls get off unforgetable lines, Rose is exceptional, Dorothy and Sofia and Blanche all have such great takes on what happened to ppor Rose, this has to be in my top ten Golden Girls episodes ever..
  • After a date with a man, Rose and her date sleep together in Rose's bed. In the morning, the girls discover that the man died. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that a man died while making love to Rose...

    This episode isn't one of the best ones, but it does have a few good moments in it. There are two funny parts of this episode that stand out for me. The first is were Sophia, who is first to let Dorothy and Blanche know that Rose had a man over for the night, says that she can tell Rose's date is dead and that " could light firecrackers under him and he still wouldn't get up." The other is when Rose must tell the wife of the dead man that she was sleeping with him and died. Rose becomes emotional and starts to blame herself while the wife tries to console her, until the wife let's Rose know that she should control herself because she just let his wife know that he not only cheated with her but that her husband is now dead.
  • A good idea but poorly executed.

    I think that this episode had the potential to be very funny. However, I think for it to have happened to Rose was mean. Rose is a very naive person and Al just used her. However, her reaction to what happened was funny. I didn't enjoy her talking to the wife and seeing her stay home while the other girls went out. It was funny when she came home and said that every man she slept with out there had died. That was a pretty funny joke at the end.