The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 5

Isn't It Romantic

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1986 on NBC

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  • Gene's in town. Ofcourse this is the Golden Girls so this character is going to push boundaries and look to blur them.

    'For Starters Gene is a lesbian' Sophia in typical Sophia blurts out to the oblivious Blanche
    'So' Blanche calmly replies
    'You mean you aren't surprised
    'No, i mean i've never known any personally but isn't Danny Thomas one'
    The audience slowly realise the hilarity of the situation and explode
    'Not lebanese Blanche' Dorothy explains for all of you who didn't get it.

    So is the best scene in this classic Season 2 installment of the show. Season 2 takes place between 1986-1987 a time where television was reinventing itself and the sitcom genre was back on top. For the Golden Girls to make the decision of having a gay character on television at the time was an area that could have turned people away. Instead what comes is twenty five minutes of pure comic genius.

    Gene, yes she's a lesbian but rather than having an episode where she's asked questions about her life and observed like she was going in a text book they rather look to create a situation that would bring out the best in the girls, while shining an accepting light on the issue, and they do both with pinpoint precision

    Blanche comes off the best with her Jealous rage at Gene's feelings for Rose
    'Gene has the hots for Rose...I don't believe it.. Too think that Gene would prefer Rose over me..that's ridiculous!'

    Sophia is her usual self. She's at her best when watching Porn with Dorothy. 'Dirty is the eye of the beholder.... Okay maybe that's a little Dirty'.

    Having Gene fall for Rose the show was skating on ice, just the idea of any sought of woman/women love would have had the censors worrying. Rose's innocence which Betty White does with pitch perfect perfection allows for a sugar coated scene between the two.

    I found it quite funny when Rose walks into the kitchen in the final scene and everbody assumes she and Gene slept together Sophia 'If somebody told you to jump of a bridge would you do it'
    Although these characters seemingly being accepting of 'gays' Sophia's comment suggest otherwise. The episode really was great.
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