The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 5

Isn't It Romantic

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Dorothy and Jean went to college together. This does not make a lot of sense based on stories of Dorothy's younger life starting in the pilot, where she rehashes becoming pregnant at 17-18. While she eventually returned to college it was likely part time while juggling motherhood. Jean on the other hand came from the farm and likely lived in the school's dormitory.

    • What happened to the large chest/shelf Dorothy has in her bedroom that can be seen in "Guess Who's Coming to the Wedding?" In this episode it's just a bare wall to the right of her window.

    • Blanche, upon learning what a lesbian is, says she's never known any personally. Well, according to the story she regaled Dorothy with in season one, she commented how her finishing school teacher Ms. McGvyer and Ms. McGee were shacking up in a one bedroom apartment off campus. Obviously Blanche knows what a lesbian is.

    • When Dorothy tries to turn off the dirty movie, she accidentally presses fast-forward and the sound can be heard to be going much faster. However, most VHS players don't play the sound when they are fast-forwarding.

  • Quotes

    • Blanche: Oh I love the rain, it reminds me of my first kiss.
      Dorothy: Your first kiss was in the rain.
      Blanche: No, it was in the shower.

    • (Dorothy plays the X-rated movie in reverse.)
      Blanche: I did that once. It was his birthday.

    • (Sophia comes in as Rose and Jean are hugging)
      Jean: This isn't what it looks like.
      Sophia: I know. I know. I was listening at the door.
      Rose: Why were you listening at the door?
      Sophia: 'Cause I wasn't tall enough to listen at the window. (Pointing at the window where Dorothy and Blanche are standing)

    • Dorothy: Ma, did Jean sleep with you last night?
      Sophia: Dorothy. There are a lot of things I want to try before I die but that's not one of them.

    • Sophia: You mean the fact that she's a lesbian.
      Dorothy: Oh Ma she is did you know?
      Sophia: I've known since you two were in college.
      Dorothy: She didn't even know in college--how did you know?
      Sophia: A mother knows.

    • Rose: Listen, Jean, I really don't understand these feelings you have...but if I did understand, and if I was, you know, like you...I think I'd be very proud and flattered that you thought of me that way.

    • Dorothy: Ma, you rented a dirty movie?
      Sophia: Dirty is in the eye of the beholder...(watches the screen) OK, maybe that's a little dirty.

    • Dorothy: Ma, we did not buy a VCR so you could watch dirty movies!
      Sophia: I'm 81 years old! What--you think I'm gonna go find someone down at the Center to do that with?

    • Rose: Everyone knows but me?
      Dorothy: Oh, honey, I didn't even think you'd know what a lesbian was.
      Rose: I could have looked it up!

    • Blanche: Every time I mention to Jean that she should go out and meet guys, you two change the subject.
      Dorothy: I do not. Look, I think the rain is starting to let up.
      Blanche: Dorothy, I may be a lot of things, but naive is not one of them. Face it...your friend Jean is seeing a married man!

    • Sophia: Jean is a nice person. She happens to like girls instead of guys. Some people like cats instead of dogs. Frankly, I'd rather live with a lesbian than a cat. Unless a lesbian sheds ... that I don't know.

    • Dorothy: Ma, how would you react if one of your kids was gay?
      Sophia: Your brother Phil is gay? I knew it! When he was twelve we couldn't tear him away from those Gladiator movies!
      Dorothy: Ma, Phil is not gay.
      Sophia: You mean you're gay? What, is your friend Jean having some sort of membership drive? I know you don't get many dates, but stick with what you know. At your age it's very hard to break into something new.

    • Dorothy: Jean thinks she's in love with Rose.
      (Sophia starts laughing)
      Dorothy: Ma, come on! It's not funny!
      Sophia: The hell it's not! Jean in love with Little Miss Muffett? Come on!

    • (after being told that Jean is not only a lesbian, but has a crush on Rose)
      Blanche: To think that Jean would prefer Rose over me?! That's ridiculous!!
      Dorothy: Blanche. Please!
      Blanche: (To Dorothy) Now you tell me the truth, if you had to pick between me and Rose, who would you pick? Who?

    • (after exploding over hearing that Jean preferred Rose to her...)
      Blanche: (haughtily) Well... I don't think we should tell Rose about this... she's not as sophisticated and worldly about these things as I am...
      Sophia: Absolutely, if she found out Danny Thomas was a lesbian it would break her heart.

    • Sophia: For starters, Jean is a lesbian.
      Dorothy Ma.
      Blanche: What's funny about that?
      Sophia: You aren't surprised?
      Blanche: Of course not. I mean I've never known one personally, but isn't Danny Thomas one?
      Dorothy: Not Lebanese, Blanche. Lesbian.
      Blanche: Lesbian... Lesbian... LESBIAN. But isn't that where one woman and another...
      Dorothy: We already know what it means.

    • Sophia: Jean you're such a terrific girl. Dorothy why can't you be more like Jean? Scratch that

    • (Rose comes in crying after seeing sad movies)
      Blanche: Honey that phony haircolor won't come out just because you got caught in the rain.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Dorothy and Sophia tell Blanche that Jean is a lesbian, she seems unfazed, commenting the Danny Thomas is one. She confused lesbian with Lebanese (as Dorothy humorously pointed out in one of the series' classic lines).