The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 4

It's a Miserable Life

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1986 on NBC

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  • Rose tells the neighbor that she hates to drop dead.Which she did.

    Rose and the others begin to work on petitions to save the oak tree.Unfortunelly Rose had trouble from getting one person to sign the petition which is Freida Clastin.The most hated neighbor in the neighborhood.Who refuse to signed since she support them cutting the tree.But she only signed it to get the danished.While at court Rose gets mad at her and told her to drop dead.When she drop dead for real.The girls decided to throw an funernal service for her.But nobody came.Since they hate her.So unfortunelly her body became ashes.So everything is left unsaid.The only thing that was funny when they were talking about the funeral.Blanche begin to mention that she died once.

    Sophia: So what had we been talking about?

    Dorthy: I don't really know.First we were talking Fredia clackstin.Than somewhere along the line we ended up talking about Blanche the mini series.
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