The Golden Girls

Season 1 Episode 22

Job Hunting

Aired Unknown Mar 08, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity error: Dorothy reveals here that she first had sex with Stan after he claimed he was being shipped to Korea for the war. That war lasted 1950-1953, thus placing their first sexual encounter somewhere in that range. However, the series began in 1985 with Dorothy having been divorced for two years after 38 years of marriage. She married Stan after becoming pregnant. This means that she would have already had sex with Stan, become pregnant, and got married no later than 1945.

    • Blanche says she lost it with some guy whose name escapes her but apparently the name starts with a 'B,' and the night began under a dogwood tree. However, at some point in either season six or seven, Blanche says she lost it in a bayou.

    • By episode's end, Rose reveals she is now a waitress at the Fountain Rock Coffee Shop. However, the next time her job is brought to light, she is once again a grief counselor.

    • Rose states that her first night with Charlie was the first time she had ever "seen" a man. However, in season seven, when Blanche asks Rose how many men she'd brought to "climax" without having gone "all the way," Rose says that in one year she had fifty-six boyfriends.

    • This is one of the few episodes in which the kitchen table doesn't have a tablecloth draped on it.

    • This is the first episode to feature the girls eating cheesecake at the kitchen table, which becomes a regular occurrence on the series.

    • Although this episode was aired later in the season, you can totally tell it was one of the very first episodes filmed, and they just saved it for later. The girls look very young, especially Sophia, whose physical appearance changed a lot over the course of the season. They all look much different than they did in the previously aired episode.

    • The issue of Blanche's financial status is always ambiguous. Here she talks about "marrying money;" however, later on in the series she talks about George dying and leaving her with no money and "just a closet full of suits that you spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of."

    • Dorothy says that she went to the drive-in with Stanley, and that it took "Three seconds," and that her marrying him was her part of the "War effort." However, in other episodes, Dorothy is depicted as having to marry Stanley.

      Response: She said that having sex with him was her part of the war effort, not marrying him.

    • Continuity Error: In this episode Rose's resume lists her as attending Rockport Community College, but in Season Four it's stated that she never even graduated high school.

    • In this episode, the girls comfort Rose in her bedroom - which is huge! Although it was acknowledged that Rose had a large room (she and Dorothy flipped a coin for the room in a flash-back episode, The Way We Met telling of when they first all moved in together) Rose's room is considerably larger than Blanche's and appears to have it's own bathroom. In a later episode, Second Motherhood, Dorothy and Rose work together to repair the toilet in the bathroom that they and Sophia share and isn't attached to anyone's bedroom. Also, doesn't it seem strange, given that Blanche is so self-centered, for Rose to have the largest bedroom?

    • Rose is worried that she is unemployed and won't have any money coming in. Well, she seems to have forgotten the fact that she still receives a pension from the employer of her dead husband, Charlie, as revealed on a much later episode in season 5, episode 106, "Rose Fights Back".

    • In this episode the grief center closes down and at the end Rose gets a job as a waitress. You never hear about the waitress job again and in later episodes Rose is again working at a grief center.

    • Rose says it's been five years since Charlie died, but in the pilot, it was fifteen.

  • Quotes

    • Blanche: So is Barry Glick still your fantasy lover or is the fantasy a reality?
      Dorothy: Well not exactly, you see, Barry Glick is gay

    • Sophia: I'm starving and we're out of pepperoni.
      Blanche: I'm sorry, Sophia, would you like some celery stuffed with cottage cheese?
      Sophia: I can't eat cottage cheese, it repeats on me.
      Dorothy: (entering) Hi, Blanche, hello gorgeous mother.
      Sophia: We're out of pepperoni.
      Dorothy: (gasps) Did you call Dan Rather?
      Sophia: I'm starving.
      Dorothy: I defrosted some chicken, we'll eat in half an hour.
      Sophia: I can't eat chicken, it repeats on me.
      Dorothy: Ma you don't have to make excuses, if you don't want chicken just say 'I don't want chicken'.
      Sophia: I don't want chicken.
      Dorothy: Good.
      Sophia: It repeats on me.

    • Dorothy: Rose finding a job is more important than my date with Barry Glick.
      Blanche: Or my losing two pounds.
      Sophia: three pounds.
      Dorothy: She has to face reality.
      Blanche: I am, I already lost one pound.
      Sophia: In your dreams.

    • Dorothy: If I don't get at least six hours of sleep, I look like Buddy Ebsen!
      Blanche: (thinks) Now that you mention it-
      Dorothy: Shut up, Blanche.

    • Blanche: You've probably haven't noticed it, but I've put on three pounds.
      Sophia: On each side.

    • Rose: (sadly) They closed the center.
      Blanche: Not your grief counseling center!
      Dorothy: (sarcastically) No, the Kennedy Space Center. She wanted to be the first Lutheran on the moon.

    • Dorothy: Ma, why are you sitting here in the dark?
      Sophia: Why not? I've seen the living room before.

    • Blanche: Thank god I had the foresight to marry money!
      Dorothy: (slapping her hand) Tramp!

    • Dorothy: (to Rose) Sure you're five years older——so am I, so is Blanche. Al..right, you have a few more wrinkles——so do I, so has Blanche. So, you're a little thicker around the middle. So is Blanche!
      (Blanche gives an increasingly dirty look at every comparison)

  • Notes

    • At the end of the episode we learn that Barry Glick is gay, and Sophia comments about how she always knew because of the way he worshiped Buster Crabb. Yet, she was in the room when Dorothy gleefully told her she was going to accept the date. Why didn't Sophia just tell Dorothy she felt he was gay then?

    • The background shot during the closing credits features Dorothy, Rose and Blanche on Rose's bed trying to comfort her.

    • At the very end of the episode, after Rose delivers the final line. Technically, that is not the final line. As Rose and Dorothy cross off, Dorothy can be heard saying "I'm so proud of you."

    • The final episode (to air) directed by veteran TV director Paul Bogart (All in the Family). Bogart not only directed several early episodes of The Golden Girls but served as supervising producer on them as well. Witt/Thomas/Harris hired Bogart to "handle" the cast of high-profile, veteran actresses and lead the team of otherwise young, inexperienced producers. However, after clashing with the cast, reportedly quite heatedly with Betty White, Bogart was dismissed, and the search was on for a full-time director. Several directors came and went until all agreed that Terry Hughes was the perfect man for the job.

    • Although this episode was shot second (see production number), it did not air until late in the first season. That explains the many inconsistencies with other episodes that had aired to date.

  • Allusions

    • Dorothy: Oh, come on, Blanche. I mean, she's working at the Fountain Rock. It's not Mel's Diner.

      This is a quick and funny reference to the 1976-1985 comedy TV show Alice.

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