The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 9

Joust Between Friends

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1986 on NBC

Episode Recap

Rose comes home from the supermarket with a stray dog that she found. Blanche reluctantly agrees to let her keep him overnight, but says Dorothy must concede as well. Dorothy comes home in a foul mood, having had no luck in her job search. Blanche convinces her to take a job at the museum with her, and Dorothy agrees that she might as well fill out an application. Dorothy also agrees to let the dog stay, but just for a night.

Dorothy lands the job at the museum, and Blanche grows envious as Dorothy is entrusted with more responsibilities than she, including organizing the annual museum banquet. Rose delays getting rid of the dog, much to the other girls' chagrin.

Blanche angrily confronts Dorothy one night about Mr. Allen's seemingly preferential treatment. The next day at work she apologizes, but quickly loses her cool once again when Mr. Allen slips a file onto Dorothy's desk and Dorothy refuses to tell Blanche what is in it.

The next day, Sophia spills the beans after Blanche insults Dorothy: the secrecy between her and Mr. Allen is because they are planning the banquet in Blanche's honor. Blanche is mortified, but Dorothy forgives her. Rose finds the stray dog's owner at last and Dorothy tearfully admits that she's grown very attached to the dog, and is sorry to see it go.

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