The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 2

Ladies of the Evening

Aired Unknown Oct 04, 1986 on NBC
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The house is fumigated and the girls move into a Miami Beach hotel. Previously, Blanche had won three tickets to see the opening of Burt Reynolds new movie and passes to the party held afterwards where they could meet him. However, on the evening of the opening, the hotel is raided and, mistaken as prostitutes, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose are dragged off to jail.moreless

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  • 'I can't believe these dumb cops would think anybody would pay money to sleep with you'

    As much as i love sophia, the girls all the had the rite to be filthy because of what sophia did to them. She left them hanging in jail as Dorothy said

    Atleast they do end up meeting Burt Reynolds

    I really enjoyed Betty White's performance in this episode.'I'll get a job that people have you got bad grades in School' she is such a goody two shoes and is still mistaken to a hooker even by meg. When rose is asking meg whether she was happy with her life, Meg gets very defensive about it. It was Mort Nathan and Barry Fanaro somewhat signalling that living that type of lifestyle isn't enjoyable for anybody involved

    'I work in the public school system it isn't much different to this'

    Dorothy really knows how to tell them

    All in all the stories and one liners really deliver this episodemoreless
  • It's an ok episode, nothing that special, though

    I know this is considered a classic episode of the Golden Girls by most fans, but it's only ok for me. I guess once you've seen it once and know what's going to happen, you kind of lose interest in seeing it again. I do feel somewhat sorry for the girls since they never get to go to the party, although it is nice that Sophia does go. They never should have left her out in the first place, they should've randomly picked which two would go with Blanche. But of course then there wouldn't be an episode, so oh well. In my opinion the funniest scene is the one where the three of them are in the lobby of the hotel and the men are trying to pick them up. The rest of the episode is not really that amusing.moreless
  • Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose were on their way to see a Burt Reynolds concert, but were mistaken as hookers and arrested the night before the concert.

    This episode is okay, but it is kind of boring due to the fact that it was kind of predictable. I knew that Sophia would come to help bail them out, but I also knew that she would grab the tickets from the girls. Still, this episode is not that bad, but finding the girls without no evidence at all was kind of awkward. If it weren't for Blanche, wanting to stay at the tables in the hotel wanting to find men, the girls would not be in jail in the first place. Overall, this is still a good episode.moreless
  • The girls are mistaken for sluts. . .

    Okay, I think that not inviting Sophia was mean in the first place, so I like that she finally got to go. However, I think that for Dorothy to not care that her mother is hurting is just plain rude and unkind. I felt so bad for Sophia, and I enjoyed all of her tactics to try and get to go. I was quite satisfied when she was rubbing it in all their faces. The other ladies deserved it for leaving her out, because they usually do anyway.moreless
  • Blanche,Dorthy,Rose has tickets to meet Burt Reyonlds altough things didn't go as plans.

    So Blanche,got tickets to see Burt Reynolds.Of course Sophia was excited.Only.....she wasn't invited to go.Since Blanche couldn't get 4 tickets.So Sophia,decided to try to get one of them to not to go so she goes instead.Of course nobody wanted to give up their tickets.So Sophia tries to get Rose to give up her ticket.Of course that fails.So the girls ended up in prison mistaking to be hookers or something.So Sophia takes their tickets and had all the fun.Sorry! This isn't really my favorite Golden Girls episode.I think they should've let Sophia came along.I think in this episode Blanche acted liked she couldn't 4 tickets.That is what I think.moreless

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    • Dorothy: (after the girls are mistaken for prostitutes) "Ladies who will accept money?"...girls, do you know what he thinks we are?
      Rose: Waitresses?

    • Dorothy: Hey... you wanna fight with somebody, you fight with me. I did time in Attica.
      Prostitute: Attica's a *men's* prison!
      Dorothy: I know. I was there a year before they found out.
      Prostitute: [backing down] Sorry, chief. Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers.
      Blanche: Dorothy, that was amazing, how did you do that?
      Dorothy: I taught in the public school system. It's really not that different.

    • Sophia: Jealousy is a very ugly thing Dorothy and so are you in anything backless.

    • Blanche: My God you're Mr. Burt Reynolds.
      Burt: I hope so or else I got the wrong underwear on.

    • Sophia: (after Dorothy announces that the four of them will be taking a vacation while the house is being fumigated) You mean I get to go. I don't have to stay here and be gassed with the termites? Oh Dorothy, you're such a good daughter.

    • Prison Guard: Where are your friends Mrs. Patrillo?
      Sophia: (snatching the tickets out of Dorothy's hand) They're not here.
      Dorothy: Ma!.
      Sophia: Don't Ma me, you cheap floozy!
      Dorothy: (gasps) Ma, you would do this to your own flesh and blood?
      Sophia: You'll get over it Dorothy and if you don't who cares I'm going to see Burt Reynolds!

    • Blanche: You see that man over there? He's undressing me with his eyes.
      Rose: Do you want to move to another table?
      Blanche: Not yet, he's only half done.

    • Blanche: What's that big disappointment of yours Rose?
      Rose: Butter. I wanted to be Butter Queen.
      Blanche: Oh yeah. She was so good in Gone With the Wind I wanted to be Miss Olivia de Havilland myself.

    • Sophia: I can't believe it. Arrested for prostitution.
      Blanche: Sophia we're innocent.
      Sophia: I know that I just can't believe these dumb cops would think anybody would pay money to sleep with you.

    • (Sophia tries to tell the others about her day with Burt Reynolds as the others all tell her to stop.)
      Sophia: So Cinderella's back from the ball and her three wicked roommates are jealous.

    • Sophia: So which one of you isn't going?
      Blanche: Well I was the one who won the tickets.
      Dorothy: Yeah but my mom is the one who's bailing us out.
      Rose: I lost Butter Queen haven't I suffered enough!

    • Rose: Sophia did you come to bail us out?
      Dorothy: No Rose, she's dropping off a manicotti with a file in it.

    • Blanche: Why he [Burt Reynolds] is the finest actor of our time. He should have won the Oscar for Deliverance. Not to mention, Starting Over. That academy is just jealous. You put Sir Laurence Olivier in Cannonball Run and see what he can do!

    • Burt Reynolds: (to Sophia) Which one's the slut?
      Rose, Dorothy, Blanche: I AM!!!

  • NOTES (3)


    • When Rose is telling the story of when she lost a competiton in St. Olaf for the title of "Butter Queen," an uninterested Blanche misunderstands and thinks Rose is talking about Butterfly McQueen.

      This references the actress Butterfly McQueen, who portrayed Prissy, the servant to Vivien Leigh's character Scarlett O'Hara in the 1939 Oscar-winning film Gone with the Wind