The Golden Girls

Season 3 Episode 6

Letter to Gorbachev

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1987 on NBC

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  • Rose writes a letter to Gorbachev and is mistaken for a little girl.

    This episode was mostly character development for me. We see that Rose would love to be smart and love for the world to be a happy place, but it's all ruined when because of the letter she wrote she is mistaken for a little girl. I really enjoyed the part where Sophia does the Regan impression and Rose thinks that he wants to meet her. All in all, an average episode.
  • Rose writes an letter.

    Rose is not feeling much of herself.She is stressed.She tells the girls about her sunshine cadet and what picture they drew.Which was an nucular war.So she decided to write to the Russian President Gorbachev and President Reagan.So when President Gorbachev respond to the letter.This is Rose dream come true.So Rose begin to dream about her visiting Russia and giving her speech to the Russian nation.So when they had an press conference.Dorthy and Blanche learns that Gorbachev thought that Rose is an little girl fearing that they could used this as an prapagenda.They let one of Rose's sunshine scout to read the speech.

    This was an O.K episode.