The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 21

Little Sister

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1989 on NBC

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  • How much Rose hates her little sister?

    Rose little sister Holly comes to visit.Of course as usual Rose isn't too thrill about it.But when Holly comes it seemed that she came here not to see her sister but to steal her best friends too leaving her out of things.Meanwhile Sophia is babysitting Drayfuss,even though she told Dorthy,that she could watch him.Of course when she lost him and brought another looked like.Things get into choas.Also Rose catches holly,with Blanche Boyfriend.Even though Dorthy and Blanche didn't believed her on what she said.But in the end she was right.
  • Rose calls out not just her sister, but a lame sitcom excuse...

    Rose's sister comes for a visit, and for once the ebullient Rose is not so much. Her friends dismiss her complaints about her sister's true nature, and little by little she is cut out of things, just as she predicted. The for-once sober/sane Rose is given surprisingly non-sarcastic advice about how to handle her Eddie-Haskell-type sister from Sophia. Instead of having her complaints and accusations in effect become part of Holly's defense, she waits until Holly is caught out by the others. Sure enough, she slips up and tries to snake out with her tail between her legs.

    That's when the good part comes.

    Rose pushes past all her sister's BS. Don't want to talk about it? Too bad. A quick I'm sorry? Not nearly enough. You had trouble making friends, and it was always so easy for me, you had to take mine? Get out of my life until you grow the hell up. This from the supposedly dumb one. So many sitcoms I've watched would have taken the moment Holly offered up the 'hard times making friends' excuse and let her off on it. I like to think Betty White herself was responsible for that moment, a great break with a bad tradition.