The Golden Girls

Season 2 Episode 19

Long Days Journey into Marinara

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1987 on NBC

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  • Who cooks a musician at the height of her career?

    Oh wow, this episode is amazing! Definitely a series best. Angela and Sophia are so much fun together. I love watching them put Sicilian curses on each other ("May the bags under your eyes grow so large your head falls in 'em!") Great stuff. And the chicken thing is classic Rose. The scene where she comes in distraught because she can't find Count Bessie and Dorothy and Blanche are holding the pieces of fried chicken... probably one of the all-time funniest Golden Girls scenes ever! I don't know how Betty White kept a straight face. And later, when Rose is banging her nose on the piano trying to get a chicken to do it... you just have to crack up every time you see it ("Do you know offhand if 911 is the right number to call for a straightjacket?") This episode is great writing, great plot - one that's funny all the way through. I'm sorry we never got to see more of Angela after this. It definitely made for wonderful comedy.
  • Sisterly love.

    I found this story to be very funny. From the chicken story to Sophia being conviced that Angela stole her man. I loved the scene in the kitchen with Rose's crazy cake and I really did like the part in the end where they both make up. That was sweet and funny. This was a very well written episode.
  • great

    ah the piano playing chicken, and angela.. what next well everyone thinks the worst when angela.makes a meal with chicken, and the talented fowl goes missing..the hunt for anonther chicken, ose trying to teach them how to play.. then trhe final outcome, it is one of my top 5 GG episodes ever