The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 23

Love for Sale

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1991 on NBC

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  • Stan snivels and Dorothy is mean to him

    Not really a huge fan of this episode... it's got a great premise, but I don't find it much more than boring. Nothing is particularly funny about it. I like the scene at the auction, but it's only ok. Uncle Angelo is not as funny here as he is in most of his episodes. Plus I don't really like the interplay between Stan and Dorothy here. It's usually done much better than this and I do feel that Dorothy is unnecessarily mean to him. I like Stan but this isn't one of his better episodes. The only part that I thought was funny was when Dorothy is talking about the party she didn't get invited to that everyone else apparently did. That was very amusing. Overall the episode is alright but it's not one of the better ones.
  • Stan buys Dorothy.

    This episode goes to prove not only that Stan is desperate, but that he still loves Dorothy which makes him more likeable. If he was just plain desperate he would've come off as a whining, complaining, little brat, but the fact that he still loves Dorothy made it kind of touching. I loved the one woman who was on the stage who went for a mere $4. Poor lady. I loved the speech Sophia wrote about Dorothy as well. My favorite part was at the end when Sophia tries to hit Stan with the toaster. This was a great episode!