The Golden Girls

Season 5 Episode 5

Love Under the Big Top

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Viewed by 28.8 million people, ranking #8 for the week.

    • In this episode they say that Blanche hates tuna fish; however, in a later episode, while on a diet, Blanche is furious with Rose for eating her "sensible meal," a tuna quiche!

  • Quotes

    • Dorothy: Everything's going to be fine, my mother called my lawyer boyfriend! (Ken enters in his clown costume) We're going to prison!

    • Rose: They're going to go right out and do it again. We didn't make a difference at all.
      Blanche: Maybe we weren't able to save all the dolphins but I bet we did saw some while we were out there protesting. And the next time you see a school of them swimming by you can think 'they're here because of me'.

    • Rose: Blanche, do you have any idea how many dolphins are killed in those tuna nets each year?
      Blanche: Fine, no more tuna fish.
      Rose: Blanche you hate tuna fish.
      Blanche: Fine, no more tuna fisher men.

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